How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

Planning your wedding is super exciting, but also very stressful, especially if you don’t have a good plan. But, don’t let your inexperience and less than ideal organizing skills stop you from having a dream wedding. Take a look at this guide and feel free to use it during your wedding planning.

Start Early

If you’re getting married in May 2019, don’t wait until the New Year to start your planning. Honestly, the earlier you start, the easier and less stressful the whole task is. Having a clear plan will allow you to relax, and tackle each task individually and not multitask. It will also ensure you don’t forget to take care of any important wedding elements. Make sure to have a guest list and your budget at the top of your planning schedule.

Set The Budget

Set a realistic budget that won’t completely drain your savings. Even though your wedding is a dream come true and is indeed a super special day, don’t spend every penny on it. However, don’t hesitate to splurge on something you both want at your venue, like a photo booth, a great band or a variety of tasty cocktails. Also, don’t forget to account for additional costs and unforeseen situations. Things can really add up, so plan carefully.

Choose The Perfect Cake

Even though most people put the wedding cake at the bottom of their planning list, there are still things you need to check out to ensure you get exactly the right cake. The best advice is to match the cake to your wedding style, so don’t order one too much in advance. Also, make sure your cake fits into your budget. Since you can get cakes that cost $3 per piece and those that cost $30 per piece, try not to get carried away by all sorts of exotic flavors. Vanilla and chocolate are truly the best but don’t be too scared to try something more interesting.

Nail The Menu

Ask any wedding guest about the thing they loved the most at a wedding, and at least half of them will go with food. Don’t even think about skimping in that department. Hungry guests will be cranky and not really in the mood for dancing, so make sure to provide them with everything from roasted meats and baked goods to delicious snacks and desserts. This way, your guests will certainly remember your dream wedding.

Provide Cute Wedding Favours

If you want to show your guests your gratitude for their support and beautiful wishes, then you must prepare some cute wedding favors. However, these little tokens often end up in the trash because they simply take up space or serve no purpose. In order to make sure your gifts get appreciated, pick out something that’s useful and small. For instance, edible favors never fail, so opt for little cake pops, macarons, mini pies or roasted coffee. There are even companies that sell cute cake boxes, so your guests can take some of your wedding cake with them. On the other hand, if you want something that will not get eaten and forgotten, you can opt for coasters, picture frames, wine glasses or bottle openers. But, if you want people to actually use your gifts, make sure not to put your names and wedding date on the gift itself but put your personal touch on the packaging.

Book A Pro Photographer

Your wedding album is something you’ll cherish forever, so make sure you book the best photographer you can find. Take your time to do thorough research and choose a photographer who understands you and is ready to cater to all your needs. Also, make sure to listen to your photographer, especially if they have a lot of experience. They can really give you some great advice and make your photos truly unique.

Yes, wedding planning is not an easy task, and you might get super annoyed. But, when that happens, try to remember what is really important—your partner and you sharing your love with family and friends. Hold on to that thought and to this list and your wedding will be perfect.

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