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Valentine’s Day Dinner Compliments Of My Amazing Husband

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a special Valentine’s Day honouring those you love. A few weeks ago I shared that in 2018 I wanted to slow down, to enjoy & live each experience while making time for quiet & peaceful uninterrupted family time with no rush to be somewhere doing something else, and lastly to be kinder to myself this year and say a definite “no” when I must. I have spent a lot of my working life believing that by being crazy busy with very successful projects equals having “made it”. Society seems to have convinced us (I know I am not alone here), that if we are constantly on the go & working 12+ hour days with a list of to-do’s and a full schedule of commitments we are successful. Injuring my back forced me to say no to a couple of new opportunities because I simply couldn’t make the meetings, which now leaves me with a far more realistic workload for the foreseeable future. Being able to cook dinner with my husband & daughter each evening, and the few extra hours each day to just being able enjoy each other is wonderful. Exactly what I asked for has happened, this is definitely what I want for my family and life. As always, here’s a peek into my week with a couple of photographs…..

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

Pretties On The Side Table In My Living Room

Just A Little Bit Of Coffee Love On Wednesday

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