Learn To Love Yourself

In the spirit of Love month I felt compelled to talk about the most important love we can give and that is the love for ourselves. We often spend too much time critiquing ourselves or dreaming about how we want to see ourselves. Instead of just being in love with who we are, knowing the gifts we have to offer and being at peace for where we are today in this very moment.

Self-love takes practice and awareness and is not always an easy task, but it is however the most rewarding one. We need to train our mind to be in love with our greatness, just as we train our body to be strong. Strengthen the muscle, learn to look inward for the most perfect love that we have and it will give you joy, well-being and empowerment.

It is important to accept our flaws with our fortunes and love the lows with the highs. Be forgiving with ourselves and know that we do not have to be perfection because we are perfect exactly the way that we are. Be the gift you give to yourself. Love yourself with deep admiration and accept the whole package with unconditional love.

“I am comfortable looking in the mirror, saying I love you, I really love you!” – Louise Hay

Happy Love Month!

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