Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

OK …I gotta say that what drives me to do what I do chokes me up.

I was told once that if your WHY doesn’t make you cry…find another WHY. What does WHY stand for? The ‘W’orld ‘H’elped by ‘Y’ou ☆

I believe none of us was brought here by accident. None of us is a cosmic joke. We simply need to let go of what we thought we were (as we were told to be by our parents, teachers and society) to embrace our destiny… who we TRULY are…here to leave the world a better place through our OWN Unique Legacy.

When I think of all the people who will die with their music still in them, it makes me very emotional. Each one of us CAN choose to take this amazing journey towards our authentic heart and soul…where it feels good on the inside…not just looks good on the outside…where in time our Bigger Purpose /WHY/ Unique Legacy is revealed to us. I live to serve beautiful heart-centred ROCKSTARS on their journey, in my fierce yet humble way…as it’s MY WHY ♡

Wishing you the very best on your journey!

At Your Service, E

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