What’s The Truth Behind Your Sore Throat

Soreness in your throat doesn’t always mean infection from a virus or bacteria which is part of cough and or cold. It may be your body’s response to not articulating what you are feeling or thinking in a verbal way and instead just bottling it up inside. That soreness can actually be your 5th chakra or throat chakra’s way of getting your attention.

Okay, I hear you asking what is my throat charka? So know that spot just above your Adam’s Apple, when sometimes during an emotional time and you swallow it’s that “lump in your throat” – that area is the throat. This 5th charka is recognized as the communication and creative emotional outlet of your body.

When there is an imbalance within this chakra, physiological symptoms may include hypothyroidism – sluggish metabolism, hyperthyroidism – over active metabolism, vocal cord issues, stuttering, hoarseness of speech, coughing & chocking and the rapid onset pain.

The process of unblocking your throat charka can be unique to each individual person, but there a couple of common threads on the process. From screaming into a pillow, using crystals to clear energies, meditation and by listening to energy clearing music. I have personally listened to the energy music clearings, meditated with a particular vision and had sessions with a  Bodytalk practitioner (they utilize a tapping process). This tapping process brings the issue to the awareness of your brain which then signals & allows your body to naturally correct and re-balance. This  process can happen almost immediately but usually it’s over a period of time like a couple of days. I have found great success with both modalities, suffering from a sore throat isn’t a common occurrence in my life anymore.

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