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Summer Weather Blue & White Inspiration Via Pinterest

Hello Everyone,

After spending most of my time last week either flat on my back in bed or very slowly hunched over trying to walk, I am so pleased to be finally moving around with little to no pain. I was able to enjoy a full week of work, and am beyond grateful to be able to accomplish the simplest things for myself like tying my own shoelaces. This cold February weather has me dreaming of summer, outdoor rooms and classic blue & white furnishings. I was able to enjoy a lovely couple of hours choosing upholstery fabrics for some bespoke handmade cushions, with my dear friend Hope van Ravens, as you can see blue and white is kind of my go-to palette. It’s going to be a fun weekend of client work, painting and celebrating our neighbour Lachlan’s 3rd birthday.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

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