5 Things To Do On Sundays

I love starting Monday morning ready for the week ahead but getting there takes some organization, meal prepping and planning. These are 5 things I do on a Sunday to make my weekdays so much easier…….

Review Your Calendar

I look at my calendar for the coming week and check the weather forecast. I am travelling this week? Do I need to cancel or add appointments? I also check my husbands calendar. I check for anything missing from my to-do list that will impact what’s scheduled on the calendar.  Make a quick list for Monday morning of the 5 top priorities to start the week off right.

Handbags, Briefcases, School Bags

Prep and pack these now, I find it’s so much easier than in the Monday morning rush to get out of the door. Ever arrived at the office with no computer power cord, sent your child off with no reading book or signed permission slip? I take 5 minutes for each bag and restock all the necessary requirements for the week.

Do Some Meal Prep

This isn’t about slaving away all day in the kitchen. All of us are different, I like to have done all my grocery shopping for the week ahead, have completed my 7 day meal plan for both lunches & dinners and also have cooked at least one batch of muffins or a bread, (sweet or savoury – it depends what I have on hand) for snacks. Some people cook a whole bunch of meals at once and then freeze them ready to take on the appropriate day. Whatever helps you and your family eat healthy food throughout the week without the stress of needing to rush to the grocery store the middle of the week for milk and a loaf of bread.

Pick Up Your Space

Take 30 minutes, I am not talking cleaning your entire house on a Sunday afternoon, simply straightening each room for a few minutes will make your home look presentable. Clear the kitchen counter tops and island, wipe down the bathroom sinks, fold the throws and plump the cushions on the sofa, clear the dining table of any receipts or paperwork and put away any clean laundry.

Spend Time Together And Relax

Sunday should be for family time and for some self care. Having time to prepare a family meal together, play a board game or read a book, maybe even the luxury take a hot bath or watch a movie — whatever is right for you and your family. Go to bed early, your body & mind will thank you for it, getting a good nights sleep can make all the difference to the start of your week. I sometimes find it challenging to fall asleep especially if the week ahead is particularly busy, so I give myself 30 minutes to wind down before sleep by diffusing some lavender and dimming the lights.

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