Making Your Dreams Actually Come True

To make our dreams actually come true, we can’t simply wish for what we want, we must take inspired and attentive action to manifest the life we want. I was reading an article recently, I was stunned with the concept that we can just wish our dreams into reality. Maybe in some universe this is possible, but here in this realm, we must take responsibility and move forward with our goals to have those dreams become our everyday.

Having a vision of where you want to be is very important, but just a dream or wish can’t accomplish anything by itself. We need to set goals and take inspired steps forward focusing on what we want. Writing your goals down, recording them in an online journal, creating hands-on visual vision boards and even starting on your business plan sets you in action. Then it’s not just the scenario of ideas floating around in your mind, you have made your intentions clear. Asking for what we want by not just verbally but physically initiates the start of dialogue with the wider world. When our wishes & dreams are only defined but then expressed to the world with meaning, we are raising our hands saying I want this. Then hard work and perseverance will bring relevant and amazing opportunities into your life, at this point, you must be open to recognizing which to take and when to take a pass or simply move on.

We need to step out into the world to make things happen instead of dreaming, watching others and waiting for “the right time”. Constant inaction must change into moving forward with intention to turn our wishes and dreams into our everyday reality. This can be a really scary prospect for most of us, struggling and failing can happen but that’s how we learn then improve and ultimately succeed. Waiting for the perfect day to get started can leave some of us waiting forever. Nothing or no one time is ever perfect, we just need to take the first step and start.

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