3 Winter Beauty Must Do’s

The winter weather months tend to ones of hibernation and lots of layers of clothing but your skin and nails can really suffer the consequences of the cold outside and the warm drying temperatures of artificial heating inside. Try theses 3 must do’s this winter season…..

Body Brushing

Our skin is our largest organ, and 1/3 of our body’s toxins are excreted through the skin. Body brushing or dry skin brushing stimulates our lymphatic drainage system which is one of the processes that removes toxins from our body, it increases our circulation, and exfoliates skin cells while unclogging the pores and lastly it’s supposed to reduce cellulite. I dry brush once a day for 2-3 minutes before showering which feels amazing and now my skin is softer, smoother and more toned.

Bare Nails

Skipping the polish step during the winter months when having your regular pedicure is a wonderful way to give your nails a break. The nails on both our hands & feet are porous and absorb whatever is painted on them. I only use 5 and 7 free polish formulas that have no toxic chemicals ingredients. The pigment in the nail polish can actually soak into the top few layers of the nail, staining it and also drying it out. This can lead to yeast and bacteria infections developing underneath the nail plate, which means long term health problems. When you leave your nails polish free, the surface of your nails is exposed to the air, allowing them to breathe.

Hydrating Your Skin

I love body butters and creams but I sometime skip this step when I am rushing to get out of the door daily. Adding a some drops of my favourite smelling essential oils to my bath water or shower sponge means my skin my skin still looks hydrated and smooth even if I don’t get the chance to moisturize. I make a lot of homemade body washes from organic ingredients, so supplementing these with extra essentials is an easy step.

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