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Hello Everyone,

My week was filled with clients days but I was able to spend a couple of hours last weekend in quiet reflection and do some planning. This year sees my family & I with a few exciting travel plans and I have several upcoming client projects that are going to start February 1st. I am super excited about what’s coming, and I want to enjoy every minute not simply rush through. I am promising myself now, to slow down a tad, to enjoy & live each experience, to make time for quiet and peaceful uninterrupted family time. And lastly, be kinder to myself this year, say a definite “no” when I must and have family moments as the centre of my everyday. As usual here is a peek into my week with a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

Take Away Coffee And Book, For a Little Bit Of Time To Myself

One Of Amazing Husbands 20 Minute Pasta Dinners


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