Thoughts For The New Year

The New Year is here! Did you make resolutions? I made a few which I wrote about in last week’s Favourite Things post, but there are 5 thoughts for this new year that I wanted to remind myself of and share with you all.

  • While tomorrow is unpredictable, I have come to be a total believer that you can manifest the life that you want. The quote “What you think, you become” is my all time favourite. Taking time to make mindful decisions and learning how to help guide your thoughts to manifest a life of love and growth is not only worthy goal but attainable.
  • Who we choose to surround ourselves with, both personally and professionally can make a huge impact on our personal growth, what we achieve in our day to day lives and influence our state of mind. Make sure those we spend time truly have our best interests at heart, follow your intuition. People in our lives that make us feel bad about ourselves, like to cause drama or are the drama, and those which always like to have the “upper hand” in interpersonal situations need to be distanced from. I am learning to trust my own intuition, I know who those people are, and I making changes in my life to remove myself from those toxic emotional influences.
  • Honesty and integrity are two of the most admirable traits any person can have. Having integrity is doing the moral or “right” thing when no one is watching. “Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it’s doing the right thing all the time, even when it may work to your disadvantage.” by C.S. Lewis. Having these traits in yourself means you also expect them in others, so you are aligning yourself with like minded individuals, while living your own truth.
  • Be grateful rather than concentrating on what you don’t have and what you think you need, be grateful for what you do have. Remember most of the things that we think we ‘need’ are actually just ‘wants’ that commercialized society has convinced us are necessary. Having a safe home for yourself & your family with clean drinking water and food is still a dream for many. Being grateful for the little things and the big things always puts life in perspective.
  • Learn to have faith and let go and trust that the God / The Universe has us in their sights. Stop of constantly worrying about things and what will happen next, or worse about what happened yesterday and simply trust that everything will unfold in your journey for this life time.

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