Small Changes For Healthy Glowing Skin

When it comes to your skin small changes can really add up. Drinking more water, cleaning your brushes and keeping your beauty regime consistent all help give you a glowing complexion.

Bedside Water

Recently I invested in a water carafe with a glass that fits on top, rather than just the single glass on water I would always have on my nightstand. Some nights I wouldn’t even finish the glass as I was rationing myself for the water to last me till morning, which I know sounds ridiculous. I fill the carafe every single night and it’s always empty the next morning, which means my water intake has increased significantly. Hydrated skin means healthy skin!

 Skincare Regime

I was starting to avoid taking the time necessary for my bedtime skincare routine, as it was becoming too long, especially on the nights when I was really exhausted after long client days. A regular night time routine is super important for my skin, after much trial error over years, I know that keeping to my regime  is key. So instead of applying a quick mask every night, I changed up my routine to indulging in a cleansing clay mask once a week and choosing an amazing hydrating mask that I can actually leave on overnight then gently cleanse off the next morning. No, it looks nothing like those scary thick white masks from the days of the old days, you can’t even tell it’s on my face, and there is no residue left on my pillowcase. Using the right products consistently makes all the difference.

Makeup Brushes 

Your makeup brushes can be a major cause of breakouts because of spreading bacteria, I was pretty good about cleaning my brushes at least once every couple of weeks. About six months ago, I started cleaning all my brushes and sponges every Sunday morning. I know this change has kept any breakout small & contained to one small spot, the frequency far less now almost insignificant.

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