Top High End Flooring Options

Flooring makes a huge part of the overall interior décor, but the aesthetic isn’t the only important thing here. Because it takes a lot of abuse, much more than let’s say walls and furniture, the choice of the flooring material needs to factor in the function of the room and the longevity of the remodelling project. That’s why going for the more high-end solutions makes perfect sense when it comes to flooring. Here are our top luxury flooring options that make the perfect marriage of quality and cost-efficiency.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Hardwood is the go-to choice for stylish floors, but there are so many varieties of it, that you simply don’t know where to start. This specific type goes especially well with rustic décor, because it has the necessary character to make a beautiful story and conveys an epic history. Besides, since it already has the dated look, it can go on for decades, and withstand scratches and dents really well. The very point of this type of hardwood is that imperfections are appreciated. The price varies depending on the type of wood and the origin.

French Oak Hardwood

Moving on to another kind of hardwood, French oak hardwood is the more affordable option, but it can still make your floors look amazing. The difference between the French oak and the regular American grown oak is that the first one is cut differently so it has tighter grain and unique grain patterns.

Hand Scraped Hardwood

Another hardwood type with a very authentic appearance is hand-scraped hardwood. It stands out from the bunch of factory-milled floors by having hand-altered planks. This results in unique irregularities that can enrich any space. Its special charm also comes from a wide variety of choices you have when deciding on the material, because you can choose from cherry, oak, hickory, walnut and other types of wood.

Exotic Hardwood

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your décor, look no further than exotic hardwood flooring. This will give you the opportunity have a rare and unusual addition to your home, but for a certain cost. Exotic lumber is usually imported from Africa and South America, so the retailers must add the cost of transportation to the total sum.

Wool Carpeting

Even though many people consider carpets to be a thing of the past because of the maintenance issues and allergy triggers, that is far from being true. Wool carpeting is especially on the rise, since it gives the space a feel of luxury, but it is also, durable, strong, and, if you choose well can be organic. When it comes to prices and convenience, carpet installation in Sydney and other large cities is often provided as an additional service.

Travertine Tile

Tile is often a preferred material for luxury homes, and it is near to unavoidable when it comes to designing bathrooms and kitchens. Travertine is especially appreciated because we can trace it back to the period before the Roman Empire and because it has an aged look and a lot of character. It is most often found in light brown and gold colours and it goes well with both modern and vintage homes. It does have some maintenance issues, but they’re well worthwhile.

High End Porcelain Tile

Where travertine is flawed, high-end porcelain tile excels. It doesn’t require extra attention and maintenance, while still giving you a distinct sense of luxury. Also, with porcelain tile, you have more options when it comes to design and colour.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Well, they do have “luxury” in their name, so this has to mean something, right? Luxury vinyl tiling is the perfect choice for you if you want to get that high-end feel of porcelain tiling but for a fraction of a price. But not only that, vinyl tile can imitate both stone and wood flooring and it is capable of retaining heat much better than traditional tile, which makes it an ideal choice for cooler climates.


Finally, marble as one of the most distinguished natural stones makes a perfect backdrop for a luxury setting, but it is also one of the priciest stones and flooring materials on the market. Furthermore, since the installation requires the work of highly qualified stone tile installers or solid marble slabs, it can be the most expensive solution among the mentioned. To its credit, it is beautiful, easy to clean and durable.

All of these high-end flooring solutions can enrich your home with unspeakable luxury and serve as a unique canvas for further decorating endeavours.

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