20 Minutes Of Self Care

We talk a lot about self care but we don’t always follow through…… Since life has been rather crazy with the holidays, long haul travel and heading back to work, I wanted to keep this post sweet and simple. So I am writing about one of my absolute favourite ways to incorporate wellness and self care into my day, that even the busiest of us can make time for it.

All you need is your bath tub full of warm water, a cup of Himalayan Pink Salt, 10 drops of organic Rose essential oil, a meditation track, and 20 minutes of your time. That’s it!

It’s a lovely way to switch up cleansing yourself and the ultimate way to relax & detoxify all at the same time. Nothing feels better against your skin than warm water, add in the Himalayan Salt with Rose Oil and you will feel the stress melting away. Be sure to combine the Himalayan salt into the running water, stirring to dissolve thoroughly before adding the Rose oil.

The 20 minutes will pass in no time, why not make space in your schedule and this bath a regular once a week thing?!? Once you step out of the bath and towel off, lather yourself in a body creme and enjoy a night of peaceful sleep. How easy and relaxing does this sound? So take time for this week  for yourself, you deserve it.

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