6 Wanderlust Travel Essentials

For a restless heart that craves the excitement of travel, holidays are the perfect excuse to run away from the boring rut. You know how it goes – we slog through mundane days at work, dreaming about that moment when we finally get to escape to some dreamy destination and relax next to a pool with a tasty cocktail in hand, and this fantasy gets us through all the stress. Well, now that you finally get to indulge your wanderlust, it’s time to pack your suitcase and bring all that you need to make the best of your trip. To help, we’ve got a sweet little list of essentials that will make your vacation even more memorable. 

A Travel Pillow

Let’s face it, not every part of our vacation is going to be fun, and uncomfortable travel arrangements are generally to blame for you arriving at your destination tired and grumpy. You don’t want the first thought you have when you land to be “Oh god, I’m already sick of this, just let me sleep.” A nice little comfy travel pillow will prevent a sore neck and let you catch some Zs.

A Small Bag Of Toiletries

Keep it with you on the plane, and you’ll look fresh and ready for adventure once you arrive. A disposable toothbrush, wet wipes, thermal water spray, hair brush, a travel size moisturizer, mascara and lip balm. Wash your face, hydrate it, and touch up on your hair and makeup and it will help you get rid of that feeling of grogginess we usually get at the end of our flight.

If you have the time and a steady hand, you could actually apply some more makeup. All you really need are a good nude lipstick, a BB cream that you can easily spread on your face with your fingers, and maybe some shimmery eyeshadow to dab on your eyelids (you can use your fingers for this). You’ll instantly look fresh and glam, and you can show up at your destination looking fabulous!

Organic Skincare

Our skin requires special care during travel. We expose it to a lot of change and it can often lead to breakouts and irritations which we really want to avoid. Who wants vacation photos with a red, blotchy mess of a face? To make sure your skin stays smooth and glowy, a quality organic moisturizer is a must, so pack your favourite products in travel size bottles and don’t forget to bring a soothing sheet masks to refresh your face after a long flight.

A Hot Swimming Suit

Regardless of whether you’re going to a beach or a mountain retreat, a swimsuit is a must. Imagine this: a spa lounge at your hotel, a giant pool. You get out of the water as your wet bathing suit clings to your hot body. You relax on a chair by the pool as a sexy waiter brings you a cocktail with a sassy little smirk on his face. “On the house,” he says, because you know you look gorgeous. Trust us girl, it’s much better to bring that swimsuit. If you’re not too thrilled about the few extra pounds you’ve gathered during the cold season, a cute miraclesuit is a great thing to try. Hide your problem areas, enhance your curves, and enjoy having a smokin’ body as you lounge by the pool.

A Selfie Stick

We know, we know, it’s totally vain, but come on. Who doesn’t want perfect holiday photos? A selfie stick can help you capture all the perfect sights from the right angles, and you can be certain that your Instagram will be flooded with gorgeous vacation pictures. Besides, it’s light and easy to pack, so it won’t really take up any space at all.

A Good Book

You know how you keep promising yourself you’ll finally read that complicated classic? Yeah, now’s not the time for that. Light-hearted romance might be a total cliché, but it’s still an absolutely fantastic choice for a vacation. Get a steamy erotic novel, or maybe something funny, like Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half. Besides, there are plenty of romance novels that are really fun and will make any lazy afternoon feel absolutely dreamy.

Travel time is perfect for some delightful pampering and relaxation. Indulge in your favourite things, have a ton of adventures, and bring a journal with you so you could write all of them down. Wanderers long for new experiences, so we hope you see interesting things, find some time for yourself, and return home full of stories to tell.

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