How To Have The Ultimate Self-Care Day

The stop and smell the roses saying has always been considered a cliché, but in today’s world where we’re almost losing track of when one day ends and the other begins, it’s high time we revert to that old and gold cliché and pull the brakes every once in a while. We all work hard, whether at home or at our place of business, we’re running around trying to keep our love and social life alive, but how often do we just make time stop and place the focus solely on ourselves?

With all these things draining our energy, we simply need to steal at least one day every two weeks or at least once a month, shut out the noise and do something just for ourselves. No, it’s not selfish. You work hard and you give your all every single day, so in order to survive and keep going you need to recharge your batteries, so let’s see how you can organize your own special rejuvenation day and start a new self-care tradition.

Rise And Shine

If anyone ever said that sunrises are overrated, they were sorely mistaken. Watching the sunrise allows you to kick the day off on a serene and positive note. It has an incredibly uplifting yet humbling effect. You see the gorgeous lights just intertwine and interchange and then, it’s there, the glorious source of light and beauty. So, get up early, make your favourite breakfast meal, sit by the window or on your terrace and just soak it all in.

Pour Your Heart Out

Writing can have an incredibly therapeutic effect on you, so if you’re not an avid journal writer, perhaps it’s time to change that. Put pen to paper and express all your feelings. If you have bad ones, as soon as they are out of the mind and onto the pages, it will feel like all the negativity has left you. In case of positive thoughts, placing them on paper will allow you to remind yourself of all the things to be grateful for on those days when you feel like the world is against you. Your journal can be your happiness cheat-sheet.

Open Up

There is nothing that can bring such serenity and make you reconnect with yourself like a great yoga and meditation session. Even if you’re already a yoga practitioner and take group classes, skip it just for this one day and do it at home or even in your yard or a park. Drown out all the noise, and if you’re at home, this is the perfect time to put your favourite essential oils to use (lavender is amazing for calming both the body and the mind) and just focus on your breathing. If you already practice it you are aware of how powerful of a tool it is for stress and anxiety relief.

Your Private Spa

If you don’t feel like being around people on your special day, you can turn your bathroom into an even better spa. Put on your very favourite robe and first throw yourself a great bubble bath. Spare no product and put in all your fanciest products in. Get an amazing bath bomb, soothing oils, and great bath salts. Make it as decadent as it can be. If you feel like it, light some candles (choose your favourite soothing scents) and put a sheet mask to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin while you relax.

After that, you can do a full body scrub, pamper your face with that extensive skincare routine you never have time for, and then add the finishing touches. Do your hair the way you like it best, put on that amazing custom nail polish that always makes you feel upbeat and energized, do your makeup and get ready for the next step.

First, Second, Or Both

If the pampering at home wasn’t enough, you can always book a massage at your very favourite place to get rid of any remaining tension. If you’re feeling pretty recharged already, it’s time for a different kind of pampering.

You have two routes to take. You can enjoy some alone time by putting together a picnic basket and relishing the day by sitting, eating and lying on a blanket in a great park, or you can treat yourself to a lunch at a fancy restaurant all by yourself. Enjoy the meal, enjoy the murmurs of the people around you. You can even bring a book if you feel like it, or just simply observe the people and smile. After that, head out to your favourite coffee place where everyone knows you and you even have a special mug. Sit by the window, watch people go buy and enjoy a truly great cup of coffee.

Time To Turn In

Before bedtime, watch that movie you’ve been wanting to for weeks but kept putting off. Sip a glass of fine wine, put on your favourite pyjamas and head to a bed with freshly changed sheets. You will wake up feeling like a brand new woman.

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