How Often Should I Have A Reflexology Session?

A question I often receive as I perform a reflexology session is, “This feels awesome. How often should I have this done? How soon can I come back?” Short of saying every day because it feels great. The answer depends on a few factors. This decision is influenced by the situation, the degree of discomfort, the objective of the treatments, the experience, timing for the client and the practitioner, and costs.

Where on the scale are you? Is this an acute situation you are addressing, a chronic discomfort, or part of a wellness maintenance plan? If you are in an acute stage then the suggestion would be to do a reflexology session immediately. Perform it for a shorter period of time so you can repeat it more often. Maybe every day then begin to taper off to every other day and then weekly. Then spread out the schedule and the duration of the sessions as you progress. Do what the client can physically and emotionally handle until you move to a comfortable maintenance schedule. You want to perform a reflexology session before the situation worsens or the discomfort returns. You want to keep building on the recovery of each session and adding to the healing outcome.

As a complimentary modality Reflexology can be used in tandem with other treatments you are receiving. Example; if you are receiving chiropractic adjustments or massage for a back condition you can also perform reflexology on those related points in the foot to support and enhance the treatment. This may also help to hold the benefits of all treatments longer and strengthen the outcomes of each.

As a maintenance plan, once a month would be a wonderful way to hold your treatment and to maintain the sense of comfort. It could be scheduled into an overall plan of how you take care of yourself. Integrate within other sessions like massage, physiotherapy or pedicures. Regular Reflexology sessions would contribute to how you maintain a healthy balance and feel good state.

If you have insurance coverage, for Reflexology you can space out the sessions to maximize wellness benefits while addressing all your health needs. Ideally you can create a schedule between all services you require to rebuild and maintain your standard of health. And do so within a manageable budget. If you do not have coverage, some practitioners might offer a package price for multiple sessions.

Definitely, experience a Reflexology session to better understand its affects and benefits. You will soon know how often to have a session and in what situations it would serve you best. Work with the practitioner to know how to best address situations and how to gain the most impact and experience all the feel good sensations. Try it is see how you like and feel through the whole experience of Reflexology.

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