5 Reasons Why Your Skin Is Not Glowing

Lately, you’ve been noticing that your skin is changing. It looks dull and lifeless. When you apply moisturizer, it’s not getting absorbed as fast as it did before. You look kind of tired all the time. Maybe it’s just because of the weather but most likely it’s because of something you’re doing. Read about some of the reasons your skin might not be glowing as it used to and make the necessary changes right away.

Are You Inconsistent?

Establishing a proper skincare routine and sticking to it is no small feat. There is no easier way to save a few minutes when you oversleep or come home tired ready for a good night sleep than by skipping your skincare routine. However convenient it might be, it’s never a good idea to do that. Your skin needs consistency and the best way to make sure you’ll keep up with your routine is to make it simple. All you really need to do is cleanse and moisturize. Make sure you do this every morning and night and your skin will be back to its old glowing self in no time.

Pinching Pennies Is Not The Answer

A big problem with skincare is that it’s often the budget item people tend to save on. Using the wrong products can be worse than using no products at all. Your skin is sensitive and it changes over time. Using the appropriate products for your skin type and your needs, and changing those when your skin changes is the only way to care for it. Buying expensive products can seem like a waste of money, but they make all the difference and they do last a while. Investing in high-quality Asap products will allow you to appreciate your appearance every time you see yourself in a mirror or a photograph.

The Trouble With Using SPF

So far, we have all learned the importance of using SPF, right? Well, not quite. People are using sun protecting moisturizers more than before, but there is still room for improvement. Using moisturizers with SPF is important all year round. Sun affects your skin even through the clouds or behind a glass window. So remember, you need SPF every day even if you think you won’t be in the sun for too long or if you work from home, the sun will get you every time. You can take check out the wide range of Clarins moisturizers with an SPF and make sure you pick the right one for your skin type.

Bad Diet

We are what we eat, it’s that simple. Your food choices will affect your mood, energy levels, and even your complexion. If you want to have healthy looking and glowing skin, you must strive to improve your diet. A well-balanced diet is not the same for every person and but there are some general tips you can start from. Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cut the sugar and processed foods from your diet. It won’t be easy in the beginning, but it will get easier and soon you’ll forget all about the junk food that what stealing your glow.


Hydration is the key to life and glowing skin. Hydrated skin is better able to sustain and regenerate its elasticity, and remain youthful looking. If you want glowing skin and you want it for a long time to come, you should drink plenty of water. On average people need about eight glasses of water a day, and even more if they exercise. It’s better to sip smaller amounts of water all throughout the day than downing a few glasses at once. You’ll remember to drink water if you always have a glass next to you while working and a bottle with you on the go.

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