How To Remodel Your Home – 6 Useful Tips

Home remodelling is always an exciting project. It allows you to turn the property you own into the one you’ve always wanted. A well done remodelling job could transform your home entirely, you just need to take it one step at a time or the project will consume you, both financially and with regards to time.

The important thing is to have a plan and to try to stick to it as much as possible. That way you’ll have control over both the aesthetic you’re creating and amount of work you need to manage.

More Light

The most common thing people want to change about their home is the amount of natural light it has. This, however, is a big and expensive project and most of homeowners are reluctant to give it a try. The most expensive thing to do is to add new windows, which takes a while and changes the home once and for all.

There are also less drastic options that accomplish the same thing. Installing a so-called light-tube in the hallway only costs a couple of thousand dollars and it can brighten the place up significantly.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the most important room in the house. It’s where a lot of family activities happen and it actually needs to be functional and comfortable to be in. The problem is that it usually isn’t big enough in most homes and this can become really noticeable as your family grows bigger.

One of the ways to handle this is to take down a wall and expand the room that way. It turns the dining room and the kitchen one big room which also works great if you throw a lot of dinner parties.

Upgrade The Bedroom

In older houses, bedrooms used to be huge. There was plenty of space for both the bed and the closet. Newer homes don’t have nearly enough space for the needs of an average household. It makes for an uncomfortable living situation and if you are planning to remodel your home, dedicate some resources to upgrading the bedroom.

One of the ways to go is to expand to the room next door if possible. A bedroom and a nursery could merge quite easily if you just need to tear a wall down. Another way to go is to build on top of your garage. This is a big project, since you need to remove the roof completely, but once you’ve done it, you can add quite a lot of space.

Expand The Attic

The attic is usually an unused space in the house. It’s where you keep things you don’t know what to do with and it isn’t actually very appealing to look at or spend time in. However, with a few changes, you could turn it into functional storage space. Enlarging attic storage space is a fairly complicated process best left to professionals because it requires building new supporting walls.

Even though this expansion requires some work, in the end, it can save you money because it’s cheaper and more convenient to have additional storage space than to rent one.

What Not To Do

There is a lot of advice out there on what to do with a home remodelling project. It’s equally important to know what to avoid at all costs. Regardless of how big the renovation project is, you shouldn’t try to move the kitchen sink or the toilet.

Moving these items just a few inches to do the side would require a lot of work and even more repairs afterward. The floors would be removed and the pipes would take days to realign in order to accommodate your new set up. Cleaning up is also quite an ordeal after such a complicated project.

Seek Professional Advice

A large project would benefit from having some sort of professional guidance that would keep you from making costly mistakes. Hiring an architect is usually too expensive if your plan was just to remodel your property. Their services, however, are needed for projects that require tearing down walls or roofs.

A good way around it is to hire an architect as a consultant. That means that you and the contractors will be in charge of drawing plans and doing most of the work, and the architect is just there to provide advice and make sure you don’t go too far. This is much less expensive and it’s paid by the consultation instead of by the hour.

Home remodelling can help you get rid of all the problems your home came with or which emerged over time. It takes careful planning both in terms of budget and scheduling the work.

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