Tech Savvy Ways To Keep Yourself Zen This Holiday Season

This time of year is always hectic no matter how organized we are or how well prepared. Balance and taking a little time for yourself can make all the difference. Have you ever downloaded an app to your phone or tablet especially for meditation or relaxation? I try to put my phone and tablet down as much as possible but when I’m travelling, can’t sleep or just need to zone out they can come in handy.  These are the 3 apps that I have been enjoying…..

Guided Mind

If anxiety or an individual pinpoint is a stressor for you then you should try this, I love this app.  There are hundreds of guided meditations focused on one topic, “gratitude meditation” and “wellbeing”  making using the app each and every time a far more personal experience.


This app is aimed at those new to  the meditation experience, so beginners and older children & young adolensences but much of contention be appreciated by with a higher level of experience and understanding. If you are wanting to cope with daily stress and find ways to relax this is a great starting point.  “7 Days of Calm,” is a guided program featuring 7 sessions of 10 minutes each. You need to complete one session which then unlocks the next series for meditation in the series. There is even progress tracking statistics with the time spent meditating.


I came across Headspace a while ago and have mentioned it before. I love British accents and if you do too, then you will enjoy this app. Lovely to listen along to, calming & balancing to both the mind and my senses – I always have my diffuser on with some relaxing essential oil wafting away too.

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