You are not left at the mercy of your remaining brain cells for the rest of your life, you know. In fact, previous doctrines dictating that every person is born with a certain number of cells that slowly die off as you age have long been overthrown. In a process called neurogenesis, your brain produces new cells throughout life, even in old age. So what does this mean for you?

It means that with a little time, planning, and effort, you can boost your cell production, maintain your mental clarity and vigour as you age, and lead an all-around healthier lifestyle! Here are the five ways to challenge your body and mind to spike some serious cell growth.

The Simple But Powerful Premise

Firstly, you need to understand just how much power you hold when it comes to shaping your brain and influencing its health. The potential is huge! Research has shown that the brain has a high potential for neuronal plasticity, or in normal English, it’s highly malleable.

Encouraging the brain to produce new cells is not complicated – you just need to keep presenting it with new and exciting challenges to maintain your mental acuity. Things as simple as completing a daily crossword puzzle (but you’re not 90 years old, are you) or more exhilarating activities such as learning a new sport are both excellent for increasing brain health. Hell, even gardening will do the trick. Let’s dive into the best ways to challenge your mental capabilities.

Embrace The Power Of Fitness

Within a healthy body resides a healthy, and thriving, mind. Physical exercise has shown time and time again its ability to challenge the body as well as the brain, while supporting a myriad of health benefits to boot. So what are you waiting for?

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for you to play monopoly when you’re a hundred and ten, but now, while you’re in the prime of your life, is the time to embrace fitness. So take up a sport, hit the gym, exercise vigorously at home, or better yet, take your fitness outside with you.

Be A Kid Again

The modern lifestyle can get pretty hectic at times, and in the words of a famous meme: “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Meaning fitness. So why should you sacrifice your precious free time when you can exercise while going to work, or to see your friends?

By daring to become a kid again, you can devise new and interesting ways of exercise, such as grabbing a bike or a colourful skateboard in order to traverse the city the old-fashioned, green way. It’s not only good for the environment, but you’re whacking two flies with one stone as well!

Dance Your Troubles Away

Dancing is a mental exercise as much as it is a physical challenge, especially if you’re a beginner. So naturally, it’s a great way to challenge your little grey cells, as you give it all you’ve got to turn your aimless stumping into a beautiful choreography with a Latino teacher charmingly named, Jorge. Does the image alone make you want to sign up?

Take Up A Hobby You’re Not Good At

While the hobby you choose should be something you thoroughly enjoy, it should also be something that regularly challenges you and gives you a run for your money. In a sense, it should piss you off at times, while being extremely rewarding and fun as well.

So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, because the more you challenge yourself with the odd and the unknown, the more you will gain in the long run.

Volunteer For A Happier You

Finally, physical exercise is not the only way to increase your brain cell production. Volunteering for various charities is a fun and rewarding experience, it costs nothing but your time and devotion, and you can choose to do it at your own leisure.

Keep in mind, though, that volunteering and charity work should be supplementary activities to an active and energetic lifestyle, so be sure to make some form of exercise your primary solution.

And there you have it! You absolutely can increase your mental acuity and prowess as you age, you just need to challenge those little grey cells to work for their money on a regular basis, and they will grow in number and strength. Be sure to incorporate some of these unique tips into your daily routine and you will pave the road to a happy and healthy future.