The Benefits Of Pressure Point Facial Massage

Body massages are wonderful for our overall health and to relieve stress but did you also know that pressure point facial massage can help with anti-aging? Facial massages which stimulate these points can be very effective along with your skincare routine. When we sleep, fluids build up and can cause puffiness on our face and bags under & around our eyes which turn into wrinkles over the long term.

Facial massage assists your body in draining away the fluid and any toxins caught in the build up making you feel less congested and puffy overall. Stimulating certain pressure points also aids in relieving stress, anxiety and reduces the frequency and severity of headaches. Pressure point facial massage can minimize fine lines, while boosting your energy & balancing your body as whole, and improving your charka flows.

Make an appointment at day spa specializing facial massage or learn how to give yourself a pressure point facial massage. Don’t  forget to diligently wash your hands with soap and water before you touching your face. Try giving yourself a pressure point facial massage first thing in the morning and just before settling down to bed in the evening.

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