Electromagnetic Pollution & Your Skin

Our Beauty Green Botanical skincare line is infused with all of the natural and organic ingredients necessary to combat Electrosmog that is damaging to our skin and detrimental to our health. Our infused products and regular session on our Seqex Device would be the perfect solution for your hair, skin and body. I found this article by Martina D’Ammassa and thought I should share it with you as it is what I believe to be true as well.

We are not going to lie: we are all hooked to our smartphones, PCs and tablets. Whether for hobbies or for work, we all have to deal with the damage of electromagnetic pollution, which is not only bad for our health, but also for our skin. If technology damages our health on the one hand, on the other it also helps us, by contributing to the elaboration of advanced formulas for cosmetics, which we can use to limit the damage caused by technology.

So, what is electromagnetic pollution? This word describes the issues caused by the pollution created by the devices we use in our every day lives — yes, even the one you are using to read this very article right now! The light of screens, as well as the heat that these devices produce, are the cause of multiple problems.

Your skin is the first to suffer, because this kind of pollution interacts with the membranes around your cells and damages proteins, increasing the amount of free radicals in your body, and decreasing the amount of anti-oxidant hormones in your system. This causes two more issues: either dehydration, which can cause lines on your skin, or excess sebum, which implies pimples, discolouration and rashes. And let’s not even talk about the dark circles caused by tired eyes: using devices is exhausting for them! Your hair can also be damaged by the excess use of devices: it can become thinner and unhealthier, but most of all, it can fall massively.

There are multiple natural solutions, but not all are easy to apply. Having a half-hour break for every two hours you spend on your computer is virtually impossible at work, since it’s a miracle if you even manage to get ten minutes for yourself between emails and Instagram posts; daily yoga practice or sports is also difficult, because not all of us have the energy for that after an 8-hour workday, when we would rather just doze on the couch; detox diets are difficult too: life is hard enough, and drinking detox veggie juices might just add to that hardship… And forget switching phones and computers off to go for a walk in nature: while that might work at the weekend, it’s basically impossible during the workweek.

So, what else can we do but let our beauty routine and our cosmetics take care of it? Serums, moisturizers, masks, detergents, detox products and micellar water sprays all help: while we must protect our skin during the day, we have to help it regenerate itself at night, letting cells find their balance again, so that we can stop looking washed out, and be filled with a light, healthy glow instead. A good serum high in antioxidants is an excellent base to be applied before you start with your makeup; make sure you keep your face well moisturized during the day with vitamins & peptides, and at the end of the day, never skip a deep cleansing, as well as the application of additional creams and serums.

Natural cosmetics are excellent to detox your skin, and the same goes for your hair, which always needs masks and protective oils. It might sound odd for it to be necessary to protect ourselves from stuff we actually really love and that connects us to the world, but if you think about it, even chocolate has side effects.

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