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Hello Everyone,

It’s been an interesting week here, to say the least. Almost everyone I know seem to be going through a stressful time, but saying that I am absolutely inspired by my friends & family and how they have all been handling this very trying “season of life”. I do know though, that this too shall pass and it’s all about keeping the right perspective. What do you give your children’s teachers for the holidays? Homemade or store bought gifts? Last year I gave homemade peach jam, this year I’m thinking of Nana Pat’s Salsa recipe. I have been trying to get some holiday preparation done, you know those extra fun tasks, of polishing silver and pressing linens in between my client days. Now, I’m looking forward to exciting weekend as my youngest son is arriving from Australia for 6 weeks of vacation time, and I can’t wait! In front of the fire and the twinkling lights of our Christmas tree, is where you will find us on Sunday.  As always, here is a peek into my week with a few photographs.

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

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