Do You Suffer From Anxiety Heading Into The Holidays?

I always find my anxiety levels increase this time of year with the holiday season approaching so quickly, my to-do list resembles a party streamer right now. Stress can sneak up on you in so many different ways, and it’s different for each single one of us. What is a stress trigger for me may not be the same for you. Instead of letting my anxiety take control, I’ve been trying ways to stay calm and refocus, even when it seems near impossible.

Creating a little niche of time for myself has completely changed how I handle my stress, so instead of becoming overwhelmed and sometimes emotional these are 4 ways I have been keeping myself calm and focused.

  1. Be conscious of my breathing, by focusing on taking deep long concentrated breaths actually helps me reduce my stress.
  2. Using a method of holistic healing called Bodytalk, I was taught this technique by my dear friend and health coach Brittany Bird. I actually realign my cortices by using my fingers to tap them, this allows the 4 quadrants of my brain to reconnect and work in harmony.
  3. Meditating or doing yoga even if it’s only 10 minutes, taking a break and doing something that makes me happy lifts my spirits.
  4. I have also been listening energy clearing recordings, Brittany also shared the idea of this type of sound therapy with me, with an amazing outcome.

The above techniques work for me and the results have been truly incredible. There’s something so centring and freeing about being able to escape whatever is stressing me out and be in a happy place. Take a few moments this week and choose a couple of things to try when you start feeling you stress levels elevate, make the most of this wonderful time of the year rather than letting anxiety rule.

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