5 Wellness Apps You’ll Actually Use

MindBody  This app is super easy and convenient when it comes to signing up for fitness classes (spin, yoga, boxing, barre, etc.). It’s a great way to schedule your workouts for the week, I usually book a week in advance and it automatically syncs to your calendar just like a meeting, no excuses! You can discover various studios around you, see what they offer, view the schedule AND any sweet deals (usually there are for newbies). You can also do the same thing with wellness and beauty appointments!

Spotify Running   Good music goes a long way. Part of the Spotify app, Spotify Running picks up your running tempo which is then turned into beats per minute which helps build a playlist based on that data. Spotify is where I get all of my music. It’s easy and has multiple playlists that are constantly updating – Discover Weekly, Top Hits, New Music Fridays, etc., and it also has podcasts which are great to listen to while at work or driving.

Whistle App   Having difficulties staying motivated/accountable to a workout routine? Chances are you are not alone, actually I know for sure you are not alone. Whistle is an app that helps you find a workout buddy in your area. Whistle will filter through potential matches, searching for those individuals who selected the same filters. It’s definitely one way to stay accountable to your workouts and you may even find a new friend!

Audiobooks   I started using Audiobooks this summer because I inherited a new evening ritual which was going for a walk and listening to an audio book. I find I think a lot deeper and retain more information when I am with no distractions, being active or in nature (aka all of the above). I’m all about the health and well-being books! The one I am listening to now is: You Are A Bad Ass At Making Money.

Calm  If you are interested in learning to meditate or simply need help relaxing before bed, Calm will help you do so. Experience less anxiety and a better sleep with the soothing guided meditations, breathing programs and sleep stories. This app is recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts to help you de-stress. Who doesn’t need help with that?! It has certainly helped me relax before bed and have a peaceful sleep.

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