Get Your Skin Holiday Ready

There are three golden rules when it comes to having great skin at every season. The first is –find great products that work for you and stick with them. The second is – be consistent, never skip on your skincare rituals morning and night; consistency is everything. The third, of course, is, always layer skincare products in the right order to ensure your skin gets the most out each and every product. Now that the holiday season is in full swing – Halloween is behind us but there is the beloved Thanksgiving Day, and of course, the most important, glitzy holiday of all – Christmas, which will almost immediately be followed by New Year’s.

In order to welcome the holiday season with your skin in spick and span shape it’s time to take some serious action, so let’s dive right in and make this the silkiest holiday season yet.

Make It Creamy

With harsh weather and low temperatures, switching to creamier, more nourishing cleansing formulas is crucial for the health and moisture of your skin. That’s why it’s time to put your water-based cleansers on hold for now and go for something rich, hydrating and almost decadent in the colder months.

Among numerous creamy cleansers our absolute favourite is Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser. The formula is balmy, so you might need a muslin cloth in order to apply it properly, but it’s more than worth it. The formula is gentle but strong, meaning that it melts all the makeup while leaving the skin soft and hydrated in the process, and that is what winter care is all about. Avoid harsh exfoliators and keep your exfoliation routine to a minimum, as during this time over-scrubbing can only reduce the barrier layer of the skin, thus making it more susceptible to losing moisture.

From The Novelty To The Necessary

Serums are a somewhat new player, but one to be reckoned with. If your skincare game has been short of a serum until now, it is definitely time to right this wrong. Serums are absolute gems, because they contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients designed to deeply penetrate the skin, fight acne, slow the aging process and ensure the skin is locked in moisture.

Among some truly amazing serums that deserve all the praise, Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten and Firm Vitamin Serum takes the crown. A heavy dose of vitamin C is exactly what the dull and tired winter skin craves, and this serum is up to the task. Friendly reminder – serums work their magic when applied after the cleanser and before the moisturizer.

Leave Nothing To Chance

One of the skincare lessons that many Australian women will tell you is that you should leave nothing to chance and do nothing at the last minute. So, as amazing as skincare products are, they can only do so much, and sometimes a woman needs to seek a different kind of helping hand.

In order to get rid of summer’s less welcome souvenirs, such as sun damage, spots, and discolouration, many Australian women flock to a trustworthy skin clinic in Sydney and other cities across the country in pursuit of great skin treatments, and they do so in a timely manner. The lesson to be learned from them – don’t ignore these issues, find a clinic that will take care of your skin problems, because the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to fix the damage.

Seal The Deal

After you’ve papered and tended to your precious skin with a great treatment, found your Holy Grail serum and cleanser, it’s time to finish off strong with the best moisturizer to fight the harsh season and glow just in time for Christmas. During wintertime, it’s paramount to turn to heavier moisturizers with a higher oil-content (even if you have oily skin) as these will help retain moisture and moisture is your number one priority. Just to be on the safe side, always carry a facial mist with you for additional freshness and rejuvenation.

The dry air in closed spaces tends to suck out the moisture from the skin, and a mist is a great go-to solution to bring the moisture back. MAC’s Prep and Prime will do a wonderful job as it will hydrate without messing up your makeup look, and it also serves a wonderful primer, so you kill two birds with one stone.

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