Eliminating Toxins From Your Life

Toxins seem to be everywhere these days, in the ingredients of our beauty products & everyday cleaning products, contained in household items and even in our food. But there are ways to limit our exposure to toxic chemicals and materials. Eliminating toxins trapped inside our bodies will make you feel better. Many people experience an increase in their energy levels, clear glowing skin, a boost to their immune system, and clearing of any brain fog giving greater mental clarity. Making small practical daily changes will decrease your toxicity levels in no time all…..

  1. Protect yourself from electrosmog by using headphones when you use your cell phone. Don’t walk around with your phone in your pocket and don’t leave it next to your head on your nightstand overnight.
  2. Avoid using plastic water bottles made with BPA which is an industrial chemical found in plastics. Stainless and glass are great alternatives. BPA’s are also used in many canned goods and plastics like tupperware.
  3. Swap out toxic chemical cleaning products for all natural ones like vinegar and baking soda.
  4. Adding indoor plants to naturally purify the air in your home.
  5. Use a natural chemical free deodorant like Routine cream.
  6. Purchase organic food when possible and visit your local farmer’s market for produce or plant your vegetable garden yourself.
  7. Give chemical filled processed foods, snacks and sodas a miss. Avoid buying processed foods and go fresh ingredients all the way.
  8. Always soak and wash your fresh produce.
  9. Increase your daily water intake but make sure it’s purified water.
  10. Try oil pulling, always brush regularly and be sure to floss to remove debris and cleanse your mouth effectively.
  11. Include both probiotics and prebiotics in your daily regime to help good bacteria in your gut flourish and remove any toxins.
  12. Flush out toxins bad with a good old fashion sweat either through physical activity, a steamy shower or sauna.
  13. Go for a chemical free organic body soap and body lotion Many lotions are contain synthetic chemicals and since you’re putting this all over your skin, it’s an important one as it can be absorbed into your blood stream.
  14. Why not take a break from nail polish altogether or at least choose toxin free formulas like Jessica 7 free polish.

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