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Finding A New Home For This Pillow Now Our Renovations Are Finishing Up

Hello Everyone,

Life or the weeks seem to be rushing past at lightning speed. Meaning that, I feel like I just wrote last weeks Favourite Things post yesterday, and yet here we are, another week has passed by… While I’ve been making a concerted effort to truly stay present, between balancing our home renovations, a busy business and my family life – it is feeling like a lot of sleep, eat, work & repeat currently. But with the holidays coming along and my son arriving in 2 weeks for Christmas and festive season, I’m encouraged to get everything finished, then slow down and soak it all in. And it snowed last night!!

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

Last Nights Delicious Stir Fry Compliments Of My Husband

The Remnants Of This First Snowfall 

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