What To Pack For A Winter Sun Resort Vacation

With the slow yet inevitable arrival of the chilly weather, many are those who are heading off to sunnier and warmer destinations. Indeed, a winter-sun getaway is one of the best ways to defy ice and cold. Packing for such an escape does not need to be tedious or time-consuming, provided that you plan ahead. You cannot just bring stuff you would pack for a day on the beach. So, make sure you prepare for the trip with all the necessary details in mind, as this way, you will not only manage to pack everything you need, but also enjoy your sunny winter holiday to the max.

The Spadework

For some travelers, packing at this time of the year can be a challenge because it requires mastering the art of layering and figuring out where the coasts and boots are. Well, it is time to get back to the sunny side of the street. Rule number one: Prepare well ahead of time and do not allow packing to be an afterthought or a last-minute struggle. Secondly, strive to pack light and smart. Narrow down your options and select an optimal number of necessities and essentials.

In other words, assemble a packing list and create a winter sun packing plan. Once you have a well-thought-out plan, things get much easier: A little less spontaneity in this stage usually leads to less confusion down the road. A good place to start is to pick your luggage carefully. A sporty duffel is a perfect solution because you can keep all your gear there, ready at hand. It is both lightweight and roomy, which is a win-win. Girls can also opt for a practical beach bag or a waterproof tote.

Piece By Piece

Furthermore, you will need resort-ready pieces and an assortment practical outfits. Note that it pays off to rework outfit from day to night and achieve maximum effect for the warm weather. First off, we have the staple combo of a casual shirt and a pair of long, comfortable pants. In addition, you can pack some more short-sleeved T-shirts, especially these oversized, white ones. It is a perfect match with the good old denim.

Bear in mind that the sun can be really hard on you, so make sure to have a hat and sunglasses, as well as protective sunscreen with non-irritating formula. Retro sunglasses are all the rage right now and they give you a chance to pull off a subtle coolness. It goes without saying that you should bring at least two pairs of swimsuits. You may wear them all day long, both in and out of the water. There is also a wide array of trendy one-piece swimwear you can go for.

All The Way

Likewise, a pair of trendy Gurus flip-flops is a must, although it is not a good idea to forget the good old sneakers as well. Another great investment comes in the form of durable leather sandals. They are sturdy and can be worn with various pieces of clothing. Speaking of which, try to think in terms of items that can take you from the poolside to the dinner table as well as everywhere in between.

For some cool and swag, add your favorite classy picks. A kaftan, for instance, is a versatile solution as it emits the aura of nonchalance and glamour at the same time. Moreover, it can be easily worn over a swimsuit for an instant fashion transformation.

We have covered the basics, but you should take a look beyond them as well. Feel free to alter the list according to your specific needs and try not to overlook a single detail. For example, you might need a sweatshirt after the sun goes down. And in case you are traveling with the kids, it would be wise to keep their boredom at bay: Bring some swimming pool toys to keep them entertained. Finally, do not throw caution to the wind and also consider the safety or your possessions.

A Place In The Sun

If you want to snatch some winter days under the sun rays and be footloose and fancy-free, you better be prepared to invest thought and effort into packing. Practicality should be the main concern, which doesn’t mean that being stylish is out of the picture. Remember that having a bag that will fit everything is paramount. It is advisable to stick to the clothes that fit the bill and are universally flattering, such as sandals, shorts, and T-shirts. The magic formula is: pack light, buy cheap, and embark right away.

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