Do You Ever Feel Burnt Out?

Do you ever feel burnt out? That feeling of exhaustion, of just feeling spent? Not burned out in the technical sense of long-term exhaustion and a diminished interest in your work but just no energy to make those all those creative business ideas reality. Your desire and the ideas are there but the energy isn’t.

For me, winter time is when I am at most productive. I am not in love with Canada winter weather at all and being cold, so I use that time of the year to hunker down inside and get ahead. By the time I hit late February, I feel my energy waning. We usually travel to Australia in the months of March & April every year for 4 weeks, when the weather is still really warm with temperatures in the late 20’s & early 30’s. I try to spend as much time as possible outside in the sun and with my family in Australia, so work definitely takes a backseat. It’s a wonderful way to “recharge my batteries” as they say. I have found I really need that time to decompress and rest….

Since welcoming fall I’ve been making a concerted effort to leave the studio at a regular time, cook & eat dinner, take care of any of my scheduled home keeping tasks, and setting my phone to silent mode even earlier in the evenings. I’m hoping by taking these steps now the burn out I have experienced in past years will be far less and not impact my energy levels as much. I’m currently working on some new collaborations that I want to finish up in a timely manner, meaning at least a week before Christmas. Then I can have a little break between Christmas and New Year, at the minimum I would love to able to spoil myself with maybe an afternoon nap and a massage during that time.

Rather than trying to work when your brain is saying no, I believe planning a regular work schedule is really important, then you are able to take some away.  Not only will you be able to work effectively, but with a clear your head so you can see things in a different way, that’s when all of the really amazing new ideas come.

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