The Importance Of Self Care

All of us carry the knowledge inside of how to care for ourselves. The choices we make daily in our lives, affect the when & how we decide to heal our body and mind. Some place the responsibility for their personal wellness in the hands of others with regular visits to an Acupuncturist, Energy Healer, Reflexologist and or a RMT.  But while sessions with healers are amazing, so is dedicating a day to wellness with you being your own healer. Time to relax & renew your spirit and body, self-healing is for yourself as a whole. It’s important to plan ahead, having solitude is definitely part of the process and also a space that is both calm and peaceful. Try starting your day of healing by setting your intention, in this case it’s deciding to dedicate this time for your own healing. If you’re choosing to spend time indoors then candlelight or the glow of a Himalayan salt lamp, diffusing essential oils, soaking in a bath of salt & oils, and listening to music can encourage your focus to a calm and tranquil state of mind. Each of us need to individually cultivate our own sense of wellness into our daily lives. It may simply be time spent in reflection, journal writing, mindful colouring, or being outside spending time in nature. Empowering yourself to care for your mind & spirit helps you tap into your own healing energy. By learning to listen to your body’s own language and what it’s trying to communicate to you, you can balance & replenish yourself not only your physical self but also your soul.

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