An Affair To Remember

Join top industry designers, Chef Michael Smith, and entertainer Terrence Gowan and Friends, for the 7th Annual Furniture Bank Gala. I’m inviting you to an evening of art, creativity and design, an auction of exquisite celebrated designer chairs and more fabulous items. Together we’ll help those in need find warmth, dignity, and stability in their new homes. This years Gala is Friday November 3rd, 2017, 6pm at Casalife, 350 Evans Avenue Etobicoke.

For ticket information and purchase visit the Furniture Bank. I just received an email from the Furniture Bank with this promo code for $75 off ticket price!! Visit the Furniture Bank and use access key “FBFriends” to get a $75 rebate.

This is my second year participating in this wonderful event. I couldn’t decide between 2 chairs so I decided to do both, considering I had 3 months until the deadline, I figured why not! Amazingly, when I was stripping the smaller arm chair I found a tag from January 21st 1928! I was all set with an idea in my mind for their transformations but the fabrics I was wanting to use were going to take too long to arrive so I had to think of another idea….and quickly! With a trip to our local Winners/Homesense store I found a couple of decorative throws that would work with the theme that popped into my head “Winter is Coming”. I do love Game of Thrones but also live in Canada so yes, winter is really coming! I really love how these two chairs turned out. From the chalk painted and distressed wood frames to the decorative nail heads that I’ve saved from stripping chairs over the years and the faux fur fabrics came together to create some unique and cozy chairs that will be up for auction very soon at this years Chair Affair Gala. I hope to see you there!

Happy Sitting, Hope

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