Are You Guilty? 7 Most Common Make-Up Mistakes

Thank God for make-up, is probably one of the sentences every woman has said at least a thousand times, like when she faced major dark circles around the eyes after a long night, or a terrible zit on her forehead just before a big date. With an appropriate amount of the right make-up products, we can achieve effortless beauty and make our face look younger, fresher and flawless. However, if we’re not as skilful as we think we are, putting on the wrong make-up could add years to our face.

Concealer Problems

Dark circles around the eyes, too visible veins and acne on the face are just some of the problems make-up successfully covers up, but only if you know how to apply it properly. Dabbing a little bit of concealer on your dark circles won’t completely hide them but only slightly reduce their intensity. Therefore, instead of just piling up the layers of light concealer and creating a cakey effect, use an orange corrector first, to neutralise the dark purple colour. Then add a concealer with yellow undertone, to brighten up the area and completely cover up the circles. The concealer should be just a little bit lighter than your foundation shade, so make sure you don’t go for too light a shade, or you’ll only make the circles grey.

Foundation Mistakes

From the wrong foundation shade to the messy application, you’d be surprised how many mistakes you could make with this make-up product. The main purpose of the foundation is to even out the skin tone and make the skin glow. That’s why you should invest in high quality Pola skincare products and look for the foundation that offers a luminous, moisturising finish while also covering up all the blemishes and skin problems. Furthermore, it’s essential that you choose the right shade for your skin tone, but also to blend the foundation well into your skin, so you don’t end up looking like you’ve put on a mask. Go all the way under the jawline, and blend it to your hairline for the natural-looking complexion.

Contouring Hazards

Contouring is one of the best ways to accentuate all the right spots on the face. However, if you don’t know how to do it, you’ll only end up looking like a circus freak instead of showing off those gorgeous cheekbones and accentuating the sharp jawline. Always use matte shades to contour the face, and make sure you blend them well. Don’t go for too dark a shade, but rather use a softer one that will easily blend into your skin and look natural, accentuating exactly the features you wanted to without looking too flashy.

Too Many Focal Points

Making the eyes pop, applying a too vibrant lipstick and heavily contouring the face is something you should never do at the same time. If you’ve decided on a smoky eye effect, go with a nude lipstick or a delicate lip gloss. When you want to make your face glow, and you want to put the emphasis on the cheeks and face lines, avoid too much eyeshadow and a bold lipstick. Balance is everything, so it’s best if you always keep just one face feature highlighted.

Eyeliner Troubles

We all strive for a flawless cat eye, but it doesn’t always look stunning. Perfecting the eyeliner flick takes time and practice, which is why you’ll often end up with a too thick line on your eyelid, or you’ll look as if you’ve smudged mascara all over the lash line. Therefore, use your free time to practice, and find the perfect shape for your eyes.

Wrong Eyebrow Shape And Colour

Your eyebrows define the entire face, so it’s imperative that you pluck them properly in order to create the appropriate eyebrow shape for your face. Avoid over-plucking them, but also don’t try to make them too thick, or you’ll end up looking older and more serious. Furthermore, the colour of the eyebrows is just as important as the shape, so make sure to choose a one or two shades darker eyebrow-pencil colour if you have light hair. If, on the other hand, you have dark hair, pick a colour one or two shades lighter.

Lipstick Colour And Formula

Matte lips are very popular nowadays, but not all lips can handle it. Dry, chapped lips will look unattractive and feel sore after applying a matte lipstick due to the product’s drying features. Also, try your best to choose the lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick, so can make the lips fuller, and prevent the lipstick from smudging over the lip edges. Avoid dark lipstick shades if your lips are thin, or you’ll make them visually even thinner.

Final Thoughts

Make-up hacks are the perfect way to conceal all your skin problems. However, unless you know how to apply it and which products to use, it won’t do you much good. Practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if you haven’t done your best so far. Just stick to the above-mentioned tips and you’ll soon master the craft.

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