Choosing Change

All of us at one time have realized that something in our lives is not working. Sometimes the acknowledgement of this comes suddenly or over time from that nagging feeling which just continues to grow stronger, finally making us aware to the fact that some aspect of our life needs to change. Many people have the tendency to make sweeping changes while others fear change, so they simply live in the uncomfortable situation rather than making a change. These two extreme responses don’t let us responsibly and thoughtfully actually change what isn’t working in our lives. Choosing not to change what isn’t working in our lives means we will continually live the same day over and over again, dealing with the same debilitating emotions over certain aspects that are causing the unhappiness.

Realizing that all parts of your life are all interconnected means that changing up even one thing can change everything. Small changes can have big effects. By examining your life in its entirety – your relationships, work environment & where you live to specifically determine what’s not fulfilling you or functioning correctly. Working through this process is often helped buy putting pen to paper and writing down the problem or problems. Writing things down highlights the truth, which is a powerful catalyst for change. Making changes leads to personal growth which is a necessity for a fulfilling and happy life.

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