Ways To Manage Stress

Most of us confuse accepting stress with managing it, whether the cause is from work, family, finances or relationships stress can cause issues in your body. Manifesting as indigestion, insomnia, depression, skin irritations and anxiety. Try adapting these ideas into your routine.

  • Having a daily routine is wonderful mood stabilizer, our body and mind responds to consistency.  Choose a couple of things to do daily – I love my 30 minutes of yoga, my early morning cup of peppermint tea and my twice weekly Himalayan salt & rose oil bath. When things feel out of control, your routine can be grounding and healing.
  • Don’t forget about sleep, 7-9 hours is what most of us need daily, while falling asleep and waking around the same time each day helps our bodies establish regular body patterns.
  • Nothing is more soothing than nature, a stroll outside or just sitting outside in the garden surrounded by nature. Plants clean the air, our bare feet on the grass/earth grounds and reminds us we are part of something larger.
  • Don’t forget that stress creates inflammation and irritates our skin. Don’t leave your skincare nightly routine to just before bedtime, make the habit of removing your make up as soon as you arrive home. This allows the active ingredients in your cleansing & moisturizing products to work for longer, making this a ritual helps you mentally put the day behind you.
  • Scent or smell has an immediate effect on our bodies, the use of the correct essential oil can help us respond positively to stressful situations. Lavender is my go-to every time, it quiets my mind while soothing my breathing and balances my mind/body connection.

Life is stressful and while you might not be able to escape it completely, you can take a break. No matter whether your break is 20 minutes or 2 hours, fill your break time with something you love. Taking pleasure in something is the best way not to let stress take over, choose your pleasure and make sure you indulge in it regularly. Listen to music, read a book, go for a walk, or watch a sunrise/sunset.

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