Common Sense Beauty Basics That Won’t Break The Bank

It’s not easy to compete with celebrities in terms of perfect skin, but let’s face it (pun intended!), not everyone can afford that lifestyle and those photoshopped pics. If you Google ‘’celebrities without makeup’’, perhaps you’ll feel better. However, let’s forget about them and focus on how you can also have great skin and makeup that doesn’t have to cost a fortune:

The Essentials For Perfect Skin

Beyoncé did say ‘’I woke up like this’’, but it’s not like we don’t know that even Her Highness uses great products for glowing skin, even when she’s without makeup. No matter if you like being all dolled up or not, regular skin care is a must.  

That is why every girl needs to have the essentials for proper skin care, such as a cleanser and a moisturizer. It is of crucial importance to wash your face every morning with lukewarm water and a cleanser. You could go with cream cleansers, since they are best for hydrating the skin, but if you use a lot of makeup, gel cleansers will do their magic better. There are many great and inexpensive ones out there, so if you want the best value for your money, you could, for example, go with Neutrogena’s cleansers.

Since the rule is that you always apply the products from the lightest to the heaviest, the next logical step for proper skin care is using a moisturizer that will keep your face young and fresh. Tip: never forget the neck, since it can also easily reveal your true age!

The First Steps Of Makeup

Having a good foundation and highlighter is definitely one of the most important rules of makeup. Many girls wonder what the proper order for applying foundation, concealer and primer is, and, thank goodness, there are excellent 3 in 1 products that are great and inexpensive (such as Covergirl’s 3 in 1 foundation), so you only have to apply one item and you have covered all three of them.

When it comes to highlighters, the most important thing is to know how to properly apply them. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter if you have a high-end highlighter or a drugstore one; as long as you know how to apply it, you won’t be needing filter applications for selfies. Remember – put a bit on the bridge of your nose, a bit on the chin, the top of the cheekbones, and don’t forget the inner corners of your eyes.

The Things We Notice First: Eyes And Lips

If you’re using makeup, a look is not complete without the products intended for your lips and eyes. These are the first things we notice on someone, so make sure you have everything covered there.

Using good lip pencils and lipsticks doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just know what you’re looking for – for example, NYX has a range of amazing lip products that will make you look like a million dollars without actually spending them. When the eyes are concerned, good mascaras are very easy to find. However, Aussie girls like to have mind-boggling eyes, so great eyelash extensions in Sydney are quite popular nowadays. After that, applying the mascara is just a simple finish.

The Minimalistic Approach

You really don’t have to spend a fortune in order to look pretty, nor do you have to use a lot of makeup. Many girls either choose the simpler approach to looking fresh and healthy, such as exercising or eating healthy food. Others, on the other hand, use a specific skin product for more than one job.

For example, you could easily use a bit of your blush as eyeshadow, a lipstick could serve well as a cream blush (just put a bit on the tip of your fingers and there you go), or you could use baby oil for removing mascara or eyeshadow from your eyes and moisturizing the skin (Victoria Beckham does this!)

See? It doesn’t have to cost a lot in order to look like a red carpet celebrity. Just follow these tips and keep your face fresh and healthy, and you’ll definitely be glowing for a long time.

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