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Ready to take a close look at your skin?.. Because today I want to talk about an anti-ageing treatment that claims to be able to turn back the hands of time. Back to a smoother, firmer skin radiating that glow that only young skin seem to possess.

But before I mention the name of my newly discovered ‘holy grail’ of anti-ageing skin care, we need to talk about how our skin works and why we even get wrinkles in the first place… once you understand this you will understand how a simple procedure that you can do at home will not only give you visible skin rejuvenating results but will literally set your skin’s ageing into slow motion.

Our young skin is full of Collagen and Elastin fibres that work like a mesh to keep our skin firm and hold its shape. As we age, these Collagen and Elastin fibres (and our bodies ability to produce them) begin to deteriorate causing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging on the surface of the skin.

Of course there are many moving parts to the skin’s function but Collagen and Elastin, together with Hyaluronic Acid (the skin’s natural moisture reservoir ) are the three key players that keep our skin looking firm, dewy and fresh.

Did you know that you have control of over 80% of how your skin ages. I’ve used bold, italics and underscore on the word ‘how’ because regardless of whether you have great family genetics or not… 80% of the reason your skin looks the way it does right now… is entirely your doing. YOU!

Skin ageing studies performed on identical twins show the dramatic effects that habits such as excessive sun exposure, smoking and other detrimental lifestyle choices have on skin ageing. Take a look at the side-by-side image below of twin sisters who made very different lifestyle choices and the dramatic results these choices had on the way their skin aged. Twin B (on the right side of the image) spent decades sunbathing and smoking while Twin A did not.

Even if you are not a smoker or spend much time in the sun, other factors such as diet, health conditions, environmental factors such as pollution and climate or even sports and exercise all take a tole on our skin.

So, here’s the thing… No matter what you do, your body’s ability to produce Collagen and Elastin will diminish over time (we can’t stop ageing) HOWEVER, you can control how your ageing looks on the surface of your skin by making good lifestyle choices AND taking a pro active approach to caring for your skin so that you ‘negative gear’ the impact that life has on your skin.

What do I mean by negative gear? Well, we can use Multi-Med Therapies to supply our skin with active ingredients and mechanical processes that will stimulate, boost and replace the production of Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and other vitamins and nutrients in our skin.

But this can’t be done helter skelter… to get real results, you need to use the right concentration of active ingredients, correctly formulated so that they are stable and deliverable to the skin AND they need to be applied to the skin in the correct order. Sounds complicated? Not really.

There’s never been a better time to look younger than today. We have many great products and skincare options at our disposal that are formulated to supply our skin with these active ingredients and some basic understanding of how the skin works can help you in choosing the right products and treatments for you. Alternatively, make the time to visit your Skin Specialist, Dermatologist or Beauty Therapist for a comprehensive analysis of your skin and recommended skincare regimen.

So back to this Holy Grail thing I was talking about earlier. With all the information I have given you here and what you now know about Collagen, and skin ageing and how you have 80% control of how ageing will look for you…

What if I now told you there was a little tool you could use at home, as simple as brushing your teeth, that not only would stimulate your skin’s Collagen but aid in the delivery of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, so that they can be utilized by your body to negative gear life’s impact on your skin and have you looking the best you’ve ever looked… would you give it a go?

A Micro-Needle Roller, also know as Derma-Roller is a hand held device fitted with a rotating head that is covered with hundreds of tiny acupuncture-type needles. These delicate needles are super fine and tiny in length and work by creating hundreds if not thousands of tiny channels into the surface of the skin. These tiny channels trick the skin into thinking it’s been wounded and so in response the skin immediately gets to work by producing… guess what?… Collagen!

Not only that, the hundreds and thousands of little channels created in the skin become a perfect ‘slip-lane’ for any topical ingredients that we want to get down deep into the skin… and guess what that ingredient might be?… Hyaluronic Acid! Yes, because Hyaluronic Acid is like a super powerful moisture magnet that has the ability to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture, six litres to each gram to be exact, giving your skin that plumped up and dewy appearance.

So by using a Derma-Roller as part of an appropriate and regular skin care regimen, not only are you building a strong and firmer foundation by stimulating Collagen and Elastin but you are also allowing for the active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and crucial vitamins such as A, C and E to get down to where they really matter.

I personally used the Micro-Exfoliating Roller by Rodan+Fields. Added to my Rodan+Fields ‘Redefine’ regimen and followed up with their Retinol based ‘Night Renewal Serum’, I have a powerful anti-ageing routine that keeps my skin looking far younger than my actual age. Visit for more information on my skin care regimen.

In the meantime… take a look at my picture below… can you guess my age? I have 5 x Rodan +Fields ‘Give It A Glow’ sample packs to give away to the 5 closest answers… (but if you know me personally, sorry, you can’t play). Please scroll down and make your guess in the comments section below.

Good Luck! x Marina

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