5 Reasons Why You Need A Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Have you noticed the pinkish rock lamp radiating a soft glow from a corner in your meditation or yoga studio? Maybe on the desk or side table when your visit or natural energy healer or naturopath? Or do you have a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp yourself? What does a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp actually do, I hear you ask…. It purifies the air through the power of hygroscopy. This means that they attract water molecules from their surroundings then absorb those molecules, including any foreign particles the molecules are carrying into the salt crystal. When the bulb inside the lamp warms up salt, that same water then evaporates back into the air, leaving any trapped particles of dust, pollen and any other pollutants locked in the salt.

  1. Salt lamps cleanse the air because they remove the microscopic amounts of dust, mould and any pet dander. This can completely transform the lives of people that suffer from allergies, even individuals who suffer from asthma notice a huge improvement with a couple of weeks with the use of a lamp salt in their bedroom and living spaces.
  2. Neutralizing electromagnetic smog is another way a salt lamp can benefit you, almost of us in these current times are living with a field of electromagnetic radiation. This electromagnetic smog flows from all our electronics devices – computers, cell phones, iPad, televisions, and WIFI appliances. The smog or waves are invisible to our eyesight, but the long term affects exposure can be very serious. There are many studies by countries around the world but Norway, Sweden and Denmark are leading the way in this research. The condition is recognized & treated in the Norwegian & Swedish health care system and noted as disability by the government and patients receive a medical welfare payment. Constant exposure to electromagnetic smog is proven to increase your stress levels, cause chronic fatigue and attacks your immune system which deals with how your body can fight off sickness & infection.
  3. Having better sleep is a wonderful side effect of using a salt lamp. Because the over-exposure to positive ions in the air, it reduces the blood and oxygen supply to our brains which results in irregular sleep patterns. A Himalayan pink salt lamp produces negative ions so reverses this issue. Keeping a salt lamp in your bedroom will improve the air quality in your space so you will get a better night’s sleep.
  4. Your salt lamp can also treat Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. By generating negative ions which will improve our mood and energy levels, the natural and soft light produced by a Himalayan salt lamp can relieve the SAD symptoms. So when the days get shorter and darker hours much longer make sure you surround yourself this lamps in your most highly occupied spaces at home and if possible at work.
  5. To reduce your daily intake of artificial blue light emissions, try turning off as many electronics as possible and switch on your salt lamps. The warm orange glow they emit will help to calm your mood and return your body to its natural circadian rhythm or “body clock”. This rhythm helps with sleep, which in turn promotes your body being in balance and fulfilling other daily cycles like your nutrition & waste elimination needs.

I have a Himalayan Pink Salt lamps in all of our bedrooms and in the living spaces. There is scale for when purchasing lamps for your rooms, on average, 1 lb. or a little less than 1/2 kilogram of Himalayan Pink Salt crystal will cleanse the air in approximately a 4′ x 4′ area. I use small frosted 4 watt globes in the lamps in our bedrooms and 7 watts in the living spaces. I like to be able to leave the lamps in the bedrooms on all night when possible, the lamp in my daughters room makes a wonderful nightlight for her.

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