Make Your Move A Smooth One!

Whether you are moving across the road, across the city or across the country, most of us will experience a move from one home to another at least once in our lifetime. This can pose a great challenge for even the most organized of us. Planning your move with detail will not only help reduce the potential stress related to moving but it may guarantee a smooth transition from one address to another and a quick one too. Manage your move with a plan and you’ll move like a Champ!

A successful move can also be a great new beginning to start a new life in a new home. A detailed check list with actual timelines should be at the top of your list of things to have as this should help you accomplish all you need to do before, during and after your move.

Six Weeks Before Your Move

  • Locate a moving company or book your van for the big move date.
  • Organize your helpers well in advance to mark their calendars or you’ll be stuck with little or no help.
  • Obtain your boxes, bags, packing materials and labels.
  • This is the time to purge your closets, basement and garage.
  • Contact your utilities with your new moving details and dates once you have a firm closing date, request a “service switch”.
  • Set up your internet, cable and or other services well in advance.
  • Contact your home and auto insurance company, banks and other service providers with your new address and moving date.

Four Weeks Before Your Move

  • PURGE – PURGE – PURGE! The best thing you will do!
  • If you are selling or giving anything away, do it quick and check it off your list. The next month before you move will be a fast one!
  • If kids are changing schools you should obtain school, medical and dental records in case they are required.
  • Condo owners should book their elevator now and check the condo corporations moving day requirements and rules.
  • Triple check your lawyer, realtor and mortgage broker have all they need to ensure a smooth and hassle free closing!
  • Start packing, labelling and stacking boxes now. This will set the pace early and keep you motivated. Thirty days will come quick!
  • Advice your neighbours you are moving and what’s for sale.
  • Schedule your yard sale for the next weekend and “let it go”.
  • There are new apps available now to help you sell your stuff instead giving it away or even worse, lug it with you!
  • The next 4 weeks will fly by before you know it and you may find yourself out of time fast. Do not delay and stick to the plan!
  • Contact your helpers and remind them of the upcoming move date and re confirm their commitment! Very important!

One Week Before Your Move

  • All boxes should be clearly marked with which room they belong in and which boxes to open first. Clear direction is always needed.
  • All personal private and confidential documents should remain together and moved with your valuables from one safe spot to the next. This would be my backpack!
  • Order new cheques from your bank and pick them up at your branch to avoid confusion or lost cheques!
  • Clearly label all keys you are leaving for the new owners, garage, shed, locker, rider mower etc.
  • Take photos of each and every room including windows, light fixtures, the fuse panel and even the furnace and A/C unit.
  • Locate all appliance warranty documents for the new owners and leave them behind.
  • Buy or borrow coolers to move your food from fridge to fridge, freezer to freezer. Everyone forgets this one!
  • Contact your helpers again and remind them of the upcoming move date. Reconfirm their commitment! Extremely important!

Moving Day

  • Take several photos of all your electronic devices (rear view) before you unplug them. This will help jog your memory when you’re reconnecting things such as your TV, cable box and stereo. I cannot say enough how important this is. Believe me as I’ve learned the hard way! A simple yet very important tip!
  • Do a final walk through of each room/space and confirm nothing is left behind. Do not expect anyone else to do this. This is your job and you must be 100% sure all has been packed and moved.
  • Confirm all your utilities are still working on moving day so there is power, water and gas for the new owners. Your lawyer may do the name switch for you but you must confirm it all connected.
  • Leave 1 roll of toilet paper in each restroom for courtesy and hope it’s been done for you as well!
  • Reduce your thermostat temperature to vacation mode.
  • Organize your help by providing them with titles such as cleaner, unloaders, unpackers & a room set up person. This will keep everything moving smoothly and on time. You will be surprised how quickly the day will go. Remember that once that truck leaves, some of your help will probably leave too!
  • In your new place, be sure to run all appliances including the gas fireplaces, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer asap.

The Day After The Move

  • Day one after your move you should change the address on your driver’s licence and other government issued documents that you have. This is as per the law and you must be current with your ID.
  • Start a short list for supplies you need in your new place & stick it to the fridge. You will be surprised how quick this list fills up and will reduce the number of trips you make to the hardware store.
  • Check that the furnace filter is clean.
  • Plan to be unpacked and settled within 2 weeks and do what you can to stick to that plan!

Moving can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. There is no real easy way to move as it requires a lot of effort, organization and elbow grease but if you are organized and have ample support, your move should be successful and smooth. Best of luck in your new home!

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