Coach? Or Not To Coach?

Today one of the hottest, largest industries is Coaching.  I am a coach.  I have earned my income as a coach, since the early 2000’s. The coaching element has remained constant.  The way I have carried out the service has evolved over time.  I started as a personal trainer.  Soon, I expanded my offerings, by adding key components, such as, nutritional guidance and lifestyle coaching.  Which only took the effectiveness of the work deeper and more personal, way beyond counting reps.  Guiding people through challenging situations and road blocks, where they should only know to stop before, became a very fulfilling experience.  I have never felt like I worked a day in my life.  All while I was invited into people’s homes and lives and shared into real-life transformations, over and over.  This profession has been an all around joy, and equal challenge, that is not about to slow down for me in any way.

As I evolve, while certain aspects of coaching remain core elements, others will evolve, as I do, and continue sharing my journey with those aligned.  Those, who are looking for real, applied ways to expand themselves, living out their potential, each step of the way.

Not all coaches are made equal. It is really worth the time to do research, and look at how each coach may work and see whose approach is closest to what you re looking for, and the kind of person you feel will be right fit for you now, and the you you are looking to create.

Some of the MAIN reasons I would get a coach.

If you want to become a millionaire, your best bet to learn HOW is from someone whose being and lifestyle demonstrates those very results in the present time.
If you want to lose weight, develop and live in a slim and fit body, your best course of action to achieve and live those results will be, seeking out someone who embodies those results and  lives that lifestyle.  Someone who is equally capable and willing to teach you what it takes to get to your goals, and for you to personally embody that, and more, over time.

Very few peopler able to grow to extraordinary levels of achievement and live disciplined enough to stay there and live in growth on an ongoing basis.  I am a firm believer that we always need to have mentors, coaches, others around us who directly, or indirectly inspire us to be more, do more and to keep wanting more.  Life is not a static state. We either grow, or die. There is no standing still.  A coach can help us anchored solid to our goal and keep us there as we evolve along the way. Keeping score and help us adjust on our way. Being accountable will help us discipline our dedication to our purpose and goal at hand, and develop the very skills and habits it takes to embody our vision, even surpass that.

JUST DO IT.  There is tremendous freedom and trust in working with someone who is an expert, whose skills and expertise you can trust.  As opposed to working with someone whose approach fills you with questions, hesitance and no trust.  Hence you become dependent, and follow them blindly.  This happens more than I’d like to think about it.  ind someone, who you like, respect—someone who inspires you and makes you want to become more continuously.  Someone who demonstrates integrity, and discipline in their approach. Never a doubt. Someone, who takes the guess work out of the process for you, save you time in the learning curve and more.  Thus allowing you to ride the cycle of their expertise and only worry about learning how you respond to the challenges at hand, and adjust to keep you evolving, and striving, on track, toward your goal

Coaching is about you and your results.  It is about helping you find the best way for you to shorten and remove the distance between the two.  The journey it takes to get there, is the transformation you will undergo.  That, which, the results you are after require of you, to achieve them.

Simple, and straight forward.  Easy? Hardly.  Worth it?  Every drop of it.
Do not hesitate, in fact, I urge you to run find your right coach, find one you are inspired by, one who you can trust (ask your gut), and one you find them, commit to them.  Above all commit to yourself and the goals you have set for yourself. Embark on this most fulfilling mission to transform yourself, do whatever it takes for you to realize your goals, embody them and grow as them, then way beyond them.

You are worth it. You are worthy.

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