Effective Ways To Improve Your Garden

You have yearned for a dream backyard, ‘as seen on home & travel programs’, for years. But somehow, as much effort you make, your garden space still looks plain. Consider trying a few of these great DIY upgrades that will definitely make you spend more time outdoors.

Upscale The Deck

Exposed to the elements, decks often take a grey and unseemly look as they age. If your deck is the centre stage of your backyard, it can affect the entire space. Power washers are effective, but can also be too rough on wooden surfaces. Some elbow grease and a household cleaner is all you need to reinstate your deck to the old glory. Scrub the surface with oxygenated bleach to remove mildew and dirt. Follow up with sanding and a new coat of protective stain.

Restore Outdoor Furniture

Quality patio sets are expensive, so before you consider replacement, consider rejuvenating the one you already have. Remove the flaking paint off metal pieces using a wire-brush, while rust remover does the prep work. A few coats of primer and outdoor pain in a trendy shade can make the entire patio look younger. Bring your natural fiber furniture like wicker or rattan indoors overnight, as dew and inclement weather shortens its life. Refresh the older pieces with turpentine and boiled linseed oil before staining with oil-based varnish or lacquer.

Go For Privacy

Even if you live in a busy neighbourhood, naturally grown fence can give you all the privacy you might desire in your green paradise. Still, keep in mind that planting a green wall isn’t an instant solution, as it will take years to grow. If you need a quick fix, consider a latticework fence with creeping plants. Natural fences can also keep both two-legged and four-legged intruders from your yard, especially if they have thorns or rough leaves.

Mirrors Of Illusion

The use of mirrors as indoor space-increasing elements of décor is well known. However, not many people know that you can apply the same trick in your garden. Every one of us has at least once considered or at least imagined buying the neighbour’s lot and extending the garden. Stick the mirrors into planters, along the fences as individual elements in order to reflect light and create the illusion of greater space. Pick mirrors that can withstand the weather condition and temperature changes. Still, avoid placing them near bird feeds to prevent misunderstandings.

Include A Water Element

For many homeowners, adding a pond or even a small spa pool can sound like a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. A freshwater pool has cheaper initial costs than a saltwater pool, but it requires you to invest more in pool supplies, as it requires more frequent maintenance. One way or another, a water feature can not only improve your backyard’s relaxation level, but also act as a stress reliever after a long day at work.

Trade Dirt For Food

To some, lawn mowing is a form of exercise. To others, it’s an annoying chore. If you belong to the second group, why not swap your lawn for the kind of greens that actually give something back? Start with small patches of the yard and proceed to ‘colonize’ larger areas with home-grown food. Alternatively, you can grow food in containers or use vertical spaces along fences.

Some of these improvements will take no more than few hours and some take longer. Depending on what you have on disposal, some can even be free. But no matter how much you invest in your garden, the time spent outdoors enjoying the fresh air is priceless.

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