Our Words Have Power

Our words have power and carry an energy. Insert eye roll, no, I am not going all head doctor on you. I mean it, you know that old saying “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” well that isn’t really true, is it?

What we say and the language we use has the power to potentially hurt or heal the person our words are aimed at. All of us can remember that time when someone said something to us, a word or sentence, which has stayed with us. The first time we were told we were special or an individual called us a derogatory name. Either way, we remember the feeling and power of how that word made us feel.

I am being more conscious of the words I speak and the impact that they have on those around me, I believe when we speak from the heart not rushing or simply reacting in words that could be interpreted to hurt, our words mean more. Sometimes it’s best not to saying anything until you can speak with confidence, and from a place of balance at our core, rather than using words that you will regret. I am not just talking about disagreements, but every day life. Most of us operate on a time sensitive schedule, school drop off – our work day – pick up time – dinner – homework – bedtimes. When feeling rushed or stressed we can react by using words or language that are said not from a place of nurturing but really just to either silence the person or get their attention.

Try noticing over the next few days, the words you use and the affect they have your emotional wellbeing and that of others. See how mindful communication with people in your life makes you feel and the physical affect it has on those you love. By carefully listening and only then responding our words have integrity, and are conveying positive feelings & love to those that matter most to us.

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