4 Things I Am Going To Do Less & More Of This Fall

Fall is officially here, not that the weather in southern Ontario feels anything like fall with days in the 30’s (that celsius, lovelies). But it’s a new season, a time for us to stop and remember especially with Thanksgiving less than 2 weeks away. I tend to find as the weather cools down that we spend longer amounts of time inside, I become more aware of my interior surroundings and how I want to spend my time. These are things that I am making a conscious effort to do more of this fall and 4 that I definitely want to try to eliminate from my life more and more…

Do More Of This Fall

More Yoga… It’s the best way to start my day, centred on my breathe and stretching my muscles. The quiet and calm always takes my mind to a place of pure bliss.

Buying Fresh Blooms… I  am always so back and forth on this particular topic, am I wasting money or not? But fresh blooms in room just make me happy.

Bake More... I love to bake! Because I only eat a gluten free diet and I don’t like many of the added ingredients like refined sugar, I am going to baking more this fall and try out some recipes. All refined sugar free of course!

Taking Baths... I always felt that taking a bath was a luxury, as it’s time spent not productively doing something. Until I started having Himalayan salt & Rose oil baths which is amazing for detoxing both your body and your mind, so now I make it a central part of my self care routine.

Do Less Of This Fall

Waste… I am a lover of the reusable shopping bag and meal planning as to eat what’s in the refrigerator first. Over the last 12 months we have swapped out all of our fluorescent & incandesent light bulbs for LED as to limit our household energy consumption.

Stress... It’s almost impossible to remove all stress from our everyday lives but knowing when to say NO goes a long way. I am learning not to overcommit myself to new projects and events.

Worry… As an over thinker, I worry about everything!! I worry about events in scenarios that will never even happen, so I am making an effort to remember that it’s out of my control than there is no point in even given it a second thought.

Procrastination… Yes, I know this doesn’t sound like me. But it definitely can be, especially when I am uncomfortable with the situation or haven’t planned anything out correctly so I just put the project off.

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