The Non Negotiable Skin Care Routine 

Nurture what you’ve got! It’s never too late to start skin rehab or corrective measures. Obviously the earlier the better (if I knew then what I know now). The right skin care choices can literally improve your skin with age allowing you to look better and be more confident. When choosing skin care products ask yourself the following questions: Are my products specifically labeled for my major concerns, are they working for me, what results do I want and how committed am I to achieving the results? Do Not Exclude Your Neck On Any Of These Steps!!


You need to choose what feels right for you. As you get older, a cream or an oil may be better suited, unless your skin is more oily then a cleansing wash can be better. Avoid perfumed cleansers as they are not made from natural ingredients, sensitive skin may react to this type. If your skin feels really tight after cleansing this is NOT the one for you. Removing too much natural oil causes the pores to overproduce oil and will take you back to square one.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water (not hot not cold). Pat dry with soft cloth DO NOT RUB. Use CLEANSER only at night. Remove your make up with make up remover or organic coconut oil works extremely well. (I personally do not like using a face cloth or cotton pads to remove make up or cleanse my face. The only things that touch my face are my products and nice clean fingers) There is no need to re use cleanser in the morning as long as you cleanse thoroughly at night, as you will remove the natural oils that are your skin’s natural balance.


Exfoliation is necessary for the removal of dead, dry skin cells and it leaves a luminous glow from the added circulation. Your complexion can’t look fresh when it it congested.  It is important to choose an exfoliant that is not too gritty, especially for sensitive type skin. Products that have “kernels” or sharp edges such as apricot pits will tear your skin leaving tiny lines (seen under a microscope) that will eventually run into each other and actually cause large pores and damage. Exfoliating should be done once or twice per week depending on your skin type after cleansing. If your skin is red and angry after a scrub this one is NOT for you.


Everyone always asks -why do I need to use a TONER?? Simple it helps to tighten the skin, return the skin to a normal PH balance after cleansing and it feel great as a spritzer for those hot humid days or after a work out. It soothes, repairs  the skin’s surface—diminishing blemishes and minimizing signs of redness and inflammation.  Bonus: It also helps prep your skin for anti-aging treatments and serums. Rosewater is a great toner for mature skin. Be sure to use a spray application not a cotton pad, no products with perfume or alcohol. Use twice per day, after warm water rinse in the morning and after cleansing in the evening.

Serums & Infusions

Use after your Toners and before your Moisturizers twice per day to lock in the active ingredients. Choose one that is  powerful and repairing with antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin C, Green Tea, Aromatherapy Oils, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Serums boost hydration, add protection, trigger the production of collagen and prevent the breakdown of cells. They can neutralize free radicals, help fade dark spots, smooth fine lines and promote elasticity. In my opinion this step cannot be missed by any skin type. Prevent, Maintain and Reverse!

Skin Oils

Oils can penetrate deeper than a moisturizer. People think it will make their skin greasy or trigger breakouts but if your skin is clean there is no reason why you would breakout. Grapeseed Oil for example is light in texture and rapidly absorbed into the skin. It also contains powerful antioxidants making it effective to repair the skin especially around the eyes. Use at least once per day after serum in the evening before Moisturizer.


A day and night time moisturizer are must haves. Day to hydrate and protect against the elements. Night to prevent further damage. Your body heals itself while you sleep. Weather plays a big part in your skin care regime, warm weather you can opt for lighter moisturizers (lotions) or a tinted moisturizer. Colder months go for heavier. SPF IS AN ALL YEAR THING. Find one that has no harmful ingredients and use it all year long over top of your moisturizer.

Eye Treatment Cream / Gel / Serum

It is your personal preference. Generally a cream and gel would be suited for all skin types. I find a gel may give you a little more tightness around the eye and may be better for those that wear foundation. Peptides, Seaweed and Hyaluronic Acid are key ingredients for anti-aging, soothing, diminishing dark circles, reducing puffiness, improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I prefer a Serum for night time to target anti aging concerns like strengthening the capillaries and reactivate microcirculation. Skin complexion becomes more even resulting in a younger more vibrant appearance.

Lip Care

Lips do not produce oil like our skin.  Use a good lip smoothie daily to condition protect and soften. Dry lips are typically caused by dehydration, weather or allergic reactions to products. Include your lips in exfoliation or use your toothbrush to remove dead skin. It is very important to choose lip care or lipstick for that matter that is chemical free so you do not ingest harmful ingredients.

Facial Massage

You can massage your own skin using your cleanser and/or moisturizers and oils. Massage stimulates blood flow and lymph drainage, as well as helping remove dead skin. Massage gently with your fingertipsto clear extra fluid from your face giving more definition. Areas to focus on include sinus points, along the nasal passageways, temples, under the cheekbones, neck and along the jaw line. This little secret can actually release tensionmaking your face look more relaxed and youthful.


Try a Collagen Drink or Supplement that aids in collagen formulation & supports connective tissue. Collagen and Elastin naturally diminish or break down with age and chronic sun exposure. Take Vitamin K2 and Calcium as they are good for bones.  Selenium for unwanted pigmentation and Molasses for dark circles under the eyes are a few to consider. Always check with your family physician to see if these or any supplements are best suited for you. Magnesium, Iron (unless you are postmenopausal) Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also beneficial.

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