Going Clean & Green? Don’t Forget About Your Nails

Deciding to go clean and green? When starting this new lifestyle goal, we tend to start with our diets choosing organic and non-GMO foods. But we need to remember how many toxins are in our beauty and personal care products, and start making healthier chemical free choices.

Going and getting a manicure and pedicure at the local spa can really derail your new plans of a healthier cleaner living. Unfortunately, most salon nail polishes and nail treatments are filled with toxins. After having your nails buffed during your manicure and pedicure actually allows the toxins to be absorbed into your body & bloodstream with even more ease. Do your research and choose products that are toxin free like my favourite Jessica.

The ultimate clean for your nails is to just go bare, this way you will be avoiding all toxins. Don’t forget giving your nails a break from polish, just applying a “clean” cuticle oil & a slathering of hand cream gives your entire body a chance to reset & breathe.

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