Creatures Of Habit

As human beings we thrive on daily habits and basic every day routines. It is no secret that we all crave a little structure in our lives. In fact I know for myself I function better and am more successful when they are in place. September has always been a great month to get back to positive daily habits and routines. It’s back to school time, last of the summer holidays, time to buckle down. The key is to create sustainable habits not just resolutions.

Long term success can depend on how solid your daily routines are. Here are my top 8 routines to keep me focused on where I’m going and being at the top of my game.

  1. Set an Alarm to Wake up and Go to Sleep at the Same Time Daily.
  2. Eat Breakfast! A Nutritious Breakfast can still be Quick and Easy.
  3. Take Care of Priority Items During the First Half of the Day.
  4. Develop a Morning Routine that you can keep on Weekends as well.
  5. Make Time for Daily Personal Growth, at Least 30 Minutes.
  6. Engage in a From of Physical Exercise.
  7. Go to Bed Early to Ensure Getting Enough Rest.
  8. Be Sure to shut-down in the Evening. Remove Distraction and Go Offline.

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