Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Ok…very sheepishly I admit that for too many years…and too many tears…I looked to everyone and everything to make me happy. Looking back I cringe…as I think about about how patient my loved ones must have been with me, since I trust that I was an absolute PITA (Pain In The _ _ _) to be around.

How can we possibly hand over the keys and give away our power to anyone or anything, making them responsible for our happiness. It’s kinda crazy…no? When we embark on the journey to connect deeply with our own heart and soul…and GET why we were brought here in this lifetime…we can take back our power and realize that WE are ultimately the REAL creators of our happiness. We realize that we truly CAN create the life of our dreams!

The alternative is not pretty…as we will continuously keep running from fix-to-fix (often in the form of bad habits, addictions and broken relationships) to make up for our lack of purpose and inner turmoil.

I believe each one of us owes it to ourself and the world to become the person who is unattached to anyone or anything outside us…but rather looks inward to discover our Unique Legacy (the reason we were are here in this lifetime…we ALL have one…and the world needs it NOW) and ensuing joy!

If at this point you feel called to truly begin your personal journey, I’m accepting 2 new adventure seekers into my coaching practice next month. Please click on this link below to book a value-packed ‘Complimentary Clarity Call‘ to see if we are a good fit for each other!

At your service, E

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