The Power Of Beauty Detox

We’ve all heard about those one-day juicing detoxes, weekend getaways to a spa where you can pamper yourself to your heart’s content, or even just an evening of splurging on a healthy skin mask or a mighty serum to “detox” your complexion. But the essence of a true detox lies in changing your lifestyle to consist of purifying, cleansing, natural choices that continuously remove the effects of our cumbersome, modern lives.

For those who’d like a taste of a long-term detox plan, the following are simple rules of your beauty etiquette that you’ll need to follow in order to bring out and safeguard your natural beauty for years on end!

Every Day Is Detox Day

The first step involves changing your mindset to start perceiving detoxing as your regular routine. Since you’re already exposed to a plethora of pollutants in the air, water and soil (remember those pesticides?), as well as harmful UV rays and let’s not get started on stress, every step of your daily skincare regime should have a single purpose – diminishing and eliminating those negative influences.

Start by choosing the right cleanser. Whether it’s a soap bar based on various oils, goat milk which is deeply nourishing, and mixed with soothing ingredients such as honey, herbs and even spices, or a homemade lotion, make sure that the label doesn’t read sulfates, preservatives, artificial fragrance or other chemicals.

Slather With Care

Nothing beats that feeling of a fresh coat of lotion on your just-bathed skin! But the silky-smooth feeling of your skin can easily be achieved with natural, even single-ingredient creams and lotions that are perfectly skin-safe. There are those you can make yourself, or shop at a local health store for other chemical-free options. Coconut oil is easy to apply, fast to absorb, widely available and smells divine!

The main perk of a homemade option is that it can be used on every part of your body, face included, plus you know all your ingredients from the beginning. Depending on your skin-type, you can mix, match and alter the chosen ingredients every time you make a new batch.

Deep Detox With Mother Nature

Did you know that women on average put 168 chemicals on their skin every day? If these products are meant to cleanse and conceal your imperfections, they seem to be causing more trouble than ultimately doing good. Ultimately, you will end up trying to get rid of the damage they have caused instead of just focusing on keeping your skin healthy.

That is why ladies all over the world have started using seemingly unusual, but highly effective natural solutions, such as charcoal skin care, or facial masks that contain clay, fine-ground coffee and the like. They may seem unlikely candidates, but they are perfect for unclogging and afterwards shrinking your pores, removing the buildup of dead skin cells, toxins and dirt, and protecting your skin from irritations.

Detoxifying Details

We’ve covered the big items on every gal’s skincare list, but what about other, equally powerful elements of your beauty routine? Think: deodorants, makeup, perfume and haircare. Thanks to the revolution in the realm of healthy life, we now have access to ready-made products that are safe to use on a daily basis, but you can still refer to your kitchen cabinets if you enjoy being your own beautician.

You might use these products significantly less, but they can still cause harm to sensitive skin, so it’s no wonder many women opt for a healthier option. Organic perfumes, for instance, are now all the rage in the market, and they come in many a luxurious scent without ever resorting to artificial fragrances or preservatives.

The everyday choices you make might seem insignificant at the moment, but once you introduce these small changes, you’ll quickly notice the difference and the true power of a detox. Finally, when you base your lifestyle on a healthy, versatile diet, and you nourish your skin with carefully-chosen ingredients, you will maintain that youthful glow for years to come!

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