Tricks To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Everyone who has a small bedroom often times gets that boxed-up feeling instead of nice and cozy atmosphere. This is usually due to lack of natural light, cutter, and inadequate color palette. All of these make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable. But, if you apply these interior design tricks, even the smallest bedroom will look bigger and be more functional. Take a look.

Smart Storage

Experts always advise people with small bedrooms to go for built-in shelving. Shallow built-in shelving will help you gain much-needed storage space while maintaining floor space. To achieve this, use shelving that’s no more than 12 inches deep.

Also, if you decide on built-in shelving, make sure they reach all the way to the ceiling to make the ceiling look higher. Another neat trick is to paint the back wall a contrasting color which will create a feeling of layering and depth. Additionally, you can invest in some furniture that serves a double duty. Try getting some ottomans with built-in storage or vintage steamer trunks that double as nightstands. These are perfect for storing away linen or some out-of-season clothes, giving your room a clean look.


If you have an empty wall or door in your bedroom, then you’re in luck. Add some mirrors and you will instantly make it look bigger. Mirrors will not only reflect light but also create depth and height. For the best effect, choose floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The most common way to implement such big mirrors into your bedroom is by installing mirrored closet doors. Another neat little trick is to place mirrors facing each other on opposite walls. It creates a window-like effect and adds a sneaky optical illusion of space in the room.

Paint And Re-Paint

The best color choice for small bedrooms is light colors. Lighter colors will reflect the light, making your room seem bigger and brighter than it actually is. Dark colors absorb light and make any space feel more constricting. Also, consider painting the ceiling the same hue as the walls. This will help erase the shadow lines that visually define a space. If you have darker walls and then paint your ceiling white, it will immediately shrink the space and make your eyes sense the small size of the room right away. But, if the walls and the ceiling are the same color, your eyes struggle to tell where the room starts and where it end, which makes the room look larger.

Natural Light Is The Best Light

If you can, skip the dark-inducing drapes and leave your windows and glass doors bare (in case your bedroom opens up to your garden). This little trick will give your room much-needed depth and reveal the natural landscape outside. But, if your room requires some more privacy, try gauzy white drapes that will let the sunshine in, create an airy feeling, but still give you some privacy. You can also install some insect protection. You can get various kinds of flyscreens in Sydney that will stop any unwanted visitor.

Forget About Bulky Lamps

If you barely managed to cramp in some bedside tables, don’t take up all that precious space with bulky lamps and big shades. Instead, save up some space by installing pendants or wall sconces. A pendant light that hangs from the ceiling creates a focal point while providing ample light to illuminate the whole room. Wall sconces provide perfect reading lighting on each side of the bed, and they are super practical as long as you mount them low enough so you don’t have to get out of the bed to turn them off.

All of these tricks will not only make your small bedroom feel much bigger, but they will also make it look more visually appealing and better organized.

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